makiaThe 2011 award for FINATEX‘s -The Federation of Finnish Textiles and Clothing Industries  – Finnish Fashion Act, was awarded to Makia Clothing in Helinski late January.

Here are the details:

The annual Fashion Act award along with 10.000 € was won by Makia Clothing. The winner was announced at the Finnish Catwalk gala, at the Old University graduate house in Helsinki on Friday the 28th of January. One of Finland’s most significant annual fashion awards was given out by textile and clothing industry association Finatex.

The nominees for this year’s award were Tiia Vanhatapio, Makia Clothing, Indiedays blog and Muotikuu. Amongst the high-quality nominees, Makia clothing was chosen as the winner and honored with the prestigious title along with 10.000 € for it’s innovative work in fashion.

Finatex’s annual fashion act jury consisted of Elle magazine editor Mirva Saukkola, photographer Kira Gluschkoff, reporter Sanna Kiiski, Oy Turo Tailor Ab managing director Heikki Vuorinen, designer Naoto Niidome, doc. of arts Ana Nuutinen, Stockmann’s buying director Tiina Railio and as the chairman Finatex’s managing director Satu Mehtälä.

According to the jury Makia Clothing has brought a new approach to finnish fashion and fashion business. An interesting brand creates lift for the whole industry and acts as an encouraging example for others.

The good vibe and strong attitude towards doing are conveyed across the line from the products to the marketing and all the way to the visual look. Makia has the potential for an international success story and the will to grow, says textile and clothing industry association Finatex’s managing director and jury chairman Satu Mehtälä.

The story of Makia Clothing began in 2001 when Joni Malmi, Jussi Oksanen and Ivar Fougstedt brought their ideas together. From the current Makia team designer Jesse Hyväri and Joni Malmi are former professional snowboarders. Mika Martikainen is a textile and clothing engineer and Totti Nyberg the sales and marketing manager. The actual growth of the company began in 2009, when Makia began exporting it’s clothes. Today Makia is being sold worldwide in 20 countries and around 160 stores. During the spring of 2011 the company will introduce it’s first women’s collection. The company keeps expanding it’s sales network in giant steps.