The 16th annual Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard World Championships, will take place July 29, 2012, dedicated to 15-year paddler George Ramos. Ramos is currently battling stage 4 cancer, meaning that he will absent from the starting line for the first time.

As many of you are getting ready for your race in Molokai next week there will be one paddler missing at the start but he will be close to our hearts – George Ramos. George is the soul of this event, having paddled solo in all 15 years of the race. Always ready for the challenge and always ready to share a smile, a story and laugh.

George has been unable to work over the last few months and as you know Cancer is not cheap. We have set up a 32::32 donation site for those interested in helping offset some of his medical bills. More importantly we ask that you keep George in your hearts as you cross the ka'iwi channel.

"I am thankful for your expressions of love and concern and for sharing this journey with me. You guys have showed me what friendship really means and I cherish my paddling Ohana. Thanks to you all and have a great crossing."

See you at the finish – George.