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Street League SkateboardingLuan Oliveira won his second straight Street League stop today at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, and he dazzled all those watching with a variety of precise and powerful tricks on his way to victory. Nyjah Huston came in second followed by Kelvin Hoefler, and these results came down to the final tricks, as has been the norm recently in this competition. There was nothing new about Oliveira's top-notch skating today but there was something different about his appearance. He dyed his hair blonde and the chemicals must have improved the synapse connections in his brain because he was completely dialed-in in the Final.

Luan Oliveir’s 9.5 Combination to Seal the Win At Street League Newark, New Jersey

He qualified third overall for the Final behind Huston and Shane O'Neill, who both were brilliant in the Prelims, but the whole time Oliveira had his sights set on taking them out. With Oliveira going before these two in skating order he had an opportunity to set the tone and challenge them directly, and he took full advantage of it.

His first run was pretty flawless and he got a 9.1 for it. Huston and O'Neill answered with first run scores of 8.9 and 8.8. On his second run Oliveira got an 8.9 and Huston who was in 6th place at the time bested him with a 9 of his own. O'Neill was skating really well in his second run until his last trick where he landed awkwardly. He got up on his own and hobbled off, and would continue the contest, but wouldn't really challenge Oliveira or Huston again.

The man who stepped up to take O'Neill's spot was Kelvin Hoefler. He qualified fourth and was only .4 points away from Huston who qualified in second. Hoefler's first two runs earned him scores of 8.3 and 8.6. The way he hung around was by firing off tricks like machine gun rounds. He missed twice but his three makes were deadly. Following his first miss was the backside kickflip tailslide to fakie that got him a 8.9. After his second miss he landed a halfcab kickflip backside tailslide to fakie for a 9.1. Then on his final attempt he landed a kickflip backside tailslide bigspin for another 8.9. That solidified his position in the top 3.

Huston stayed in second despite missing three attempts out of five in the best trick section. He received an 8.8 for his first attempt, missed the next two and then got a 9 on his fourth attempt. For Huston it was a great response and it mattered, but it was for naught. Oliveira had called him out and what he came back with wasn't loud enough. On his fourth attempt Oliveira had put the trophy out of Huston's reach with a 360 flip noseslide bigspin, for which the judges awarded him a 9.5. Oliveira had him beat because he had makes with score of 8.4 and an 8.9 for a switch tailslide nollie heel flip. That trick on his second attempt put him in first. On his next attempt he bailed and then got the 9.5 on his fourth. When Huston bailed on his 5th attempt and suffered a scary fall, Oliveira went on to land a trick he had ready incase Huston made his. Out came the switch tre flip down the 10 stair set of the big section. The judges awarded him a 9 for the victory lap, and the celebration worldwide began in New Jersey for Luan Oliveira's second-ever and back-to-back Street League win.

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