Questions answered by …Lost VP of Sales Michael Darr

What’s the single biggest change for next year’s line?

We are going to be continuing with the success of our Resinworks and Lost at Sea collections.

What features are you adding/upgrading for your '14 line?

We are refining our color stories and building on our success, as well as adding some new styling that we are feeling good about.

What inspired these changes?

Essentially, the wide variety of  people and culture that surround the ….Lost Surfboard factory inspire our lines.

How do you breakdown the categories in your boardshort line? Has this changed at all?

We keep it simple. We offer stretch and non stretch. We really havent changed the distinctions, just the colors and styles.

How much of your line can be described as "technical", "classic", and "hybrid"? Which of those "categories" are doing the best for you?

We do offer hybrids, but primarily we aim to make trunks that look good in and out of the water and function on land and sea.

Are you seeing major growth in the demand for hybrid boardshorts?

The growth in hybrids, seems to be coming from outside of the core, it seems to have hit a plateau.

On the technical end, what innovations are you bringing to market and what makes these stand out? 

As above, most of our technical innovations are realized in our surfboards, we keep the boardshorts pretty straightforward.

Are your prices trending up, down, or staying flat?

Staying flat for 14

What color stories are you going to be hitting on?

We have done really well with original color combos. We are going to continue run colors that are exciting.

Where did you find your inspiration for next year's line?

Our inspiration comes from the beach, and the people that are involved with …Lost at all levels.

What's the latest for waistbands, closures, hem lengths and design pattern lines? 

We really see the category opening up, lengths are getting shorter and anything goes. We are going to keep building style elements that appeal to our guys.

Will there be any changes in delivery dates?

We are sticking with the conventional calendar

Hybrid, tech, and retro have been the big trends for the last couple seasons – what do you predict will sweep the scene next?

Boardshort styles are all over the map right now, we think that the next big thing will be that each brand will have to claim their own identity and make styles that are unique to their singular perspective.