london surf / film festival 2015 announces line up

Faroes: The Outpost Vol2 has its European Premiere at LS/FF Friday 16th October | Photo: Chris Burkard

London Surf / Film Festival 2015 presented by REEF announces Line Up

London Surf / Film Festival 2015 announces line up

London Surf / Film Festival


As Autumn's pace quickens and we usher in the promise of the new season ahead, London Surf / Film Festival presented by REEF is stoked to announce the official selection of international features for the 5th Edition  – a line up to inspire, enlighten and entertain.

Hosted 16 – 24 October 2015 across the capital and across two weekends, London Surf / Film Festival is a celebration of the cream of international surf culture and the very best of British.

"We're privileged to work with the most exciting directors and relevant names in waveriding to bring to the UK the very best in independent surf filmmaking which this year includes 2 World Premieres, 2 European Premieres, 7 UK Premieres plus a host of award winning films and ground breaking shorts," says LS/FF founder Chris Nelson. "We've curated a feature programme that explores all aspects of surfing from Fish and Uncharted Waters that celebrate the totems and icons of our culture, The Wave I Ride and Ocean Driven that shine a light on those individuals pushing themselves at the very limits of human endurance to the mind blowing Attractive Distractions and Nix Nic Nooley which reveal just what is possible at the cutting edge of performance surfing. We have extraordinary films that explore the overwhelming lure of surf exploration through some of the most inhospitable landscapes like Bear Island, Faroes, Freezing and Headache. For many of the films we showcase, the festival will be the only chance you'll get to watch them as they were intended to be enjoyed – on the big screen, accompanied by a packed crowd of likeminded, wave sliding folk – the original "social media" experience!"

Accompanied by talks with waveriding's most inspiring heroes and icons including XXL Winning female surfer Paige Alms and explorer Kepa Acero, a gallery show, music, art, artisans and more this is an essential cultural happening.

·      Friday 16th October – Saturday 17th October, The Genesis Cinema, E1 plays host to the opening weekend.

·      Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th October LS/FF brings an all-new line up of talks and premieres to Regent Street Cinema, W1.

Tickets are available through the cinema box offices priced from £8.50 with a limited number of evening passes from £15 delivering more films for your buck and some exclusive goodies too. For full line up information and ticket details: www.


Friday 16th October – GALA OPENING – GENESIS CINEMA, E1


European Premiere: FAROES: The Outpost Vol 2 Dir. Chris Burkard & Ben Weiland

Bleak, Beautiful and jaw-droppingly spectacular travelogue from award winning photographer Chris Burkard and Ben Weiland goes in search of the secrets of the Faroe Islands. Accompanied by Dane Gudauskas, Tyler Warren, Justin Quintal and Sam Hammer they go in search for never before surfed waves.

With a special introduction from Ben Weiland


World Premiere: SEAN COLLINS – THE RIPPLE EFFECT, Dir. Peter Hamblin

Revolutionary surfer Sean Collins almost single-handedly invented the art of swell forecasting and changed waveriding forever.

Presented in person by Director Peter Hamblin who will also lift the lid on the filming of his new feature with charger Frankie Solomon, titled 'Let's Be Frank'.


World Premiere: FREEZING, Dir. Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce

Hotly anticipated debut feature film by the talented crew behind 'The Shaper' and '#Vanlife'. Always with their fingers on the throbbing pulse of the surfing zeitgeist, this is an in depth journey to the icy fringes of cold water surfing.

Accompanied by Q+A with filmmakers Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce.

9pm London Premiere: BEAR ISLAND, Dir. Inge Wegge

Accompanied by his brothers, award-winning filmmaker Inge Wegge sets off to explore the uncharted surf potential of a deserted isle lying in the treacherous waters high in the Arctic Circle. Bombarded by swell, scoured by winds and illuminated by 24hr sunlight, Bjørnøya is named after its main inhabitants, a large population of Polar Bears. Will they find surf in a land where disaster is always around the corner.

london surf / film festival 2015 announces line up

Attractive Distractions Featuring Albee Layer has its Uk Premiere at London Surf / Film Festival this October

Saturday 17th October – GENESIS CINEMA, E1

5.30pm UK Premiere: HEADACHE, Dir. Felix Gänsicke

Stunning travelogue revealing the harsh realities and golden rewards of chasing those northern hemisphere swells through the cold waters of the high latitudes taking in Germany, Denmark, Scotland and Iceland.

Accompanied by UK Premiere: GET MILES AWAY Dir. Creator Class featuring Ben Gulliver and Jeremy Koreski

7pm UK Premiere: OCEAN DRIVEN Dir. Nadia Tarlow

Mixing archival footage, interviews with the biggest names in surfing, and jaw dropping big wave cinematography, Ocean Driven takes you out into the line up on some of the biggest swells ever ridden. This inspiring documentary follows Chris Bertish on his quest to fulfil a lifelong ambition of charging some of the biggest waves on the planet.

Presented in person by big wave rider Chris Bertish.

9pm UK Premiere: ATTRACTIVE DISTRACTIONS Dir. Dan Norkunas

This hotly anticipated film takes 10 of the most progressive young surfers on a journey from their hometowns to far off destinations, on a mission to capture surfing at its highest level, from paddling Jaws at 50 feet, to airs that have never been seen before. It's big and it's beautiful.

Accompanied by World Premiere: MATUNGOU Dir. Mr. B Featuring Alan Stokes, Oli Adams, Tom Butler, Angus Scotney, Lee Bartlett, Corrine Evans

London Surf / Film Festival 2015 announces line up

Paige Alms – The Wave I Ride – European Premiere at London Surf / Film Festival Friday 23 October 2015

Friday 23rd October – REGENT STREET CINEMA, W1

7pm European Premiere: THE WAVE I RIDE Dir. Devyn Bisson

Female big wave charger Paige Alms takes on the biggest and most terrifying waves on the planet. This intimate film follows her journey back from a horrific injury, will she be able to charge the giant waves of her home break Jaws again.

Presented in person by Paige Alms and Director Devyn Bisson

9pm UK Premiere: THE SEARCH FOR FREEDOM Dir. Jon Long

This visual spectacular celebrates the sheer joy of the ride and the pure stoke of going big. Featuring pioneers from across the world of surfing, Kelly Slater, Kelia Moniz, Bruce Brown, Chris Burkard, plus skateboard and snowboard legends including Jeremy Jones, Danny Way and Yvon Chouinard, this breath taking big screen feast in not to be missed.

Saturday 24th October – REGENT STREET CINEMA, W1

5pm European Premiere FISH: THE DOCUMENTARY Dir. Joseph Ryan

At a time when logs ruled the line-up, San Diego surfer Steve Lis came up with a design so radical it remained an underground sensation for years. With insightful contributions from the likes of Dave Rastovich, Derek Hynd, Mark Richards, Tom Curren and Rob Machado, plus awesome archive and action footage this beautifully crafted ode to revolutionary board design is a must see.

7pm UK Premiere: UNCHARTERED WATERS Dir. Craig Griffin

Groundbreaking and illuminating documentary tells the story of one of surfing's most influential and enigmatic figures characters, Australian surf legend Wayne Lynch. Set against the backdrop of disaffected youth, the Vietnam war and the increasing commodification of surfing, this film lifts the curtain on Lynch's character and motivation, while showing the massive effect he brought to the lifestyle and the influence he has had, and continues to have on our most groundbreaking surfers. Not to be missed.

Accompanied by KEPA ACERO: Film and Talk

Renowned surf explorer Kepa arrives hot off the plane from his latest adventure to share some exclusive new films with us and talk about his solo adventure chasing the monster swell that hit Indonesia and surfing the longest waves in the world in South America.

9.15pm London Premiere NIX NIC NOOLEY Dir. Toby Creegan

The year is 2879 and everyone from the world as we know it in 2015 is dead. Dead. The ocean has dried up and the only way to go surfing is by time travel. Creed McTaggart and Duncan McNicol head back in time to score waves with Ellis Ericson, Thom Pringle, Noa Deane, Jay Davies and Dion Agius. Dials the radness to 11.

Accompanied by UK Premiere THREE STONES FROM THE SUN Dir. Seb Zanella Beautifully crafted documentary allows us to hangout and share waves with the amazing Dave Rastovich, in and around his Byron Bay home.