One overlying trend we saw in the men’s market was higher-quality, higher-price-point outerwear pieces with a very simple aesthetic from brands like OurCaste, Insight, Depactus, SUPERbrand and more.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.11.58 AM

OurCaste’s Arni jacket, with 3-layer breathable fabric.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.11.51 AM

OurCaste’s pullover fleece is part of a collaboration with Primaloft, utilizing the sourcing company’s insulated lining.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.19.51 AM

Depactus’ MEP (Man of Extrodonary Pursuits) jacket. The jacket is highly technical with Ecorepel technology, C-Change body heating tech, with a three-layer Schoeller breathability and waterproofing feature.

The premium basic tees are also trending. A simple tee is making its resurgence from the retro '90s era, and various brands are adding their own touch to the men's basic.

Brother's Marshall put a spin on the men's tee by adding an extra thick neck, another homage to the retro '90's era with a L.A. surf culture twist.


Brothers Marshall

Brothers Marshall

Brothers Marshall

RipNDip showcased their ‘Falling for Nermal’ upside-down pocket tee—so very avant-guard for a basic. The ‘Falling for Nermal’ tee is the sequel to their Lord Nermal tee last season.


Rip & Dip

Both Vissla and Banks boasted all-black silhouettes when it came to men's wetsuits. Vissla first introduced its “black on black” logo-free suit to team riders. They never anticipating what would happen next: “Our SoCal Sales Rep Bobby Lockhart first realized there was a real opportunity when The Froghouse contacted him about the suits,” says Vissla VP of Design Rob McCarty, explaining that surfers in the area had begun inquiring at the shop. Needless to say, the brand made a decision to take production from extremely limited to a few more in quantity to see how they performed. “They sold before they landed,” in SoCal, according to McCarty, and nearly a year later, the brand is seeing a similar demand in Europe, he says. The results show a demand for this minimalist, clean aesthetic at an accessible pricepoint. “It’s resonating with a younger audience,” says McCarty. “It’s different than what their dad is wearing.”


Top to Bottom: The Hooded Seven Seas, The North Seas featuring elevated V-Foam materials, and the extremely covert, minimalist, black-on-black suit @ $200 pricepoint that is catching on with a younger audience, according to Vissla.


Vissla’s updated line for 2016 features one plant-based rubber suit, which was sourced from trees in Malaysia, as the brand takes a step away from the traditional neoprene.


Banks’ line of neoprene suits has a similar look and feel with an all-black silloette and a simple embossed logo.

Banks’ line of neoprene suits has a similar look and feel with an all-black silloette and a simple embossed logo.


Rome's Degenerati collection was littered with the most top secret features, we really can’t talk about it – just kidding. But this limited edition collection is made for core shops and core shops only. The selectivity in Degenerati’s distribution is what puts this collection on our ‘Less is More’ list. The entire collection pays homage to that loyal Rome rider.


Rome’s Degenerati Collection


Rome’s Degenerati Collection

As part of Element’s new collaboration with the exclusive Griffin Studios, they’ve created this piece, The ‘Black Sky Sleeping Bag Coat,’ which retails for $399 and features a zip feature allowing the jacket to attach to the sleeping bag component. Looks cozy!


Element’s Black Sky Sleeping Bag


Native Shoes is infamous for their vegan or "Beast Free" offering and a light-weight feel in their boots and shoes. The brand added another point of differentiation this year, tacking on a winterized Scotch-Guard coating to their line of rain boots, winter boots, and sneakers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.33.36 AM

Native’s Monaco from AXIS in NYC.


Native’s Rover collection from Agenda Long Beach features 3-D printing.



Electric and VonZipper are in a bidding war on who has the industry's most lightweight goggle. Although we haven't weighed the goggle's ourselves, both Electric's ‘Eletrolight’ and VonZipper's ATL hover around two-ounces. "The ALT is one of our modern marvels and also one of the lower price-point options for our brand," says Brian Green, Marketing Manager for VZ.


The Electrolite from Electric Visual is one of the lightest goggles on the market and new for Winter ’16/’17.


Coming in at 2.0 ounces, VZ’s ALT goggle is one of the lightest goggles we’ve seen and is literally frameless. The goggle comes close to the face, allowing for optimal peripheral vision and has an anti-fog coating bonded on the molecular level. This goggle runs $90 in retail.