From the masterminds behind King Shit Magazine and King Snow Magazine, comes LATER, a travel magazine dedicated to ‘the raw reality about renegade traveling and the things that go with surfing, board sports, and good times vibes.’

"Tourists have their magazines already (they're free on airplanes), but travelers don't," said Editor-In-Chief Eric Greene. "We're proud to introduce a new magazine for a demographic that's in dire need of something good to read."

Get in the know, right here:

Seeping out of the over-traveled and sunstroke-abused brains of a group of Canadian media veterans, including the same dummies that brought you KING SHIT and KING SNOW magazines, comes LATER.—a title that takes travel mags in a totally new direction.

If there's a unifying theme in board sports, it's that most people have to travel somewhere to do it. Hitting the road in search of adventure is what brings surfers, snowboarders, and skateboarders together. We can all relate to the desire of getting out in the world and finding some trouble. LATER. presents the raw reality about renegade traveling and the things that go with surfing, board sports, and good times vibes.

LATER. speaks to an audience of people who travel regularly to do what they love—be it surfing, skating, snowboarding or just getting weird in a foreign land. It features content from all over the globe and from a hugely diverse group of contributors —from pro surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders, to random people who just had a funny story from the road.

"When all is said and done, you'll never remember that week you worked overtime and went to sleep early, but passing out on a Mexican beach, getting robbed and scoring the best waves of your life are memories that will last forever," said Editor Andrew Sayer.

If you like to travel, surf, or have any crazy stories and ideas you want to share, get in touch and get involved with LATER. We have an open submission policy and we want to hear from anyone with outlandish tales and photos that no other travel mag will publish.

"When I was asked to join LATER. I was excited to put my stamp on it and involve the photographers I've met around the world who share our vision," said Photo Editor Colin Adair. "When I heard the rest of the pitch: no pay, shit hours, more time on the computer, well, I was all in!"

When asked for input on this press release, Publisher Ryan Stutt waited until the last minute to say: "We're doing a what magazine now? Travel…and surfing… Is that really a thing? Wait, is this really the cover? There's a goddamn hobo squid fishing on it, and he's wearing plaid on plaid. Wow. I really gotta start paying attention to these emails, don't I?"