Over the last seventeen years Rob “r2” Howland has become a fixture in the Rocky Mountain snowboard scene. Howland has long flown the flag for K2’s brands up and down the Rockies, but he’s decided it’s time to hang it up for some beach living in Nicaragua. Not to worry retailers, his sub-rep John “JP” Pinnick will be taking over for K2, Morrow, and Planet Earth after Rob’s last day – this Saturday, May 15.

Here’s the haps, straight from r2:

To all my dealers, buyers & Industry friends:

It is with both sadness & excitement that I announce my resignation from K2 Snowboarding, Morrow Snowboards & Planet Earth Apparel. It has been simply an INCREDIBLE 15 years working for such an amazing company like K2 Sports, and also FOR such amazing people and businesses! A decision of this magnitude is certainly not made based on 1 simple issue; there are numerous things that have played a part in MY decision here, yet I feel it my responsibility to explain the major 2 factors:

1. PRIMARILY, I have been an independent rep for 24 years now; 7 in my post college career, & 17 years in the snowboard industry. As much as I have loved every minute & mile of it, it also comes at a cost to both my personal & physical well being. Honestly, I am tired of all the driving it takes to be good rep, & also the roller coaster that is this life style….

2. Secondly, most of you have knowledge of my project going on down in Nicaragua. My house will be done around the holidays(6-7 months), and I have business opportunities that have presented themselves down there, which I will be pursuing at various levels. Also, my tired bones need the lower impact of surfing, golf & yoga for sure….

It is important for you all to know that this decision has been quite challenging for me! It is an extremely emotional & daunting endeavor, to resign from such an amazing job/company, & also up-root my entire life & make an international move… Albeit exciting for sure, there are an enormous number of issues to deal with during this transition. Most important to me now are a smooth transition with my dealers, & a positive transition for K2/Morrow/Planet Earth. In terms of this, please note:

1. My official last day as your rep is May 15th, 2010. I have been working diligently to make sure every detail/issue within my power is 100% dialed in, as we head into the off season for snow. I am fully committed to you & K2 until then, and honestly will be helping/guiding well beyond this date as needed.

2. I am both happy & proud to inform you that K2 will be appointing John 'JP' Pinnick as my replacement. JP has been an awesome employee for me, & is certainly highly respected in the trenches of all the stores! He deserves this imo, and is incredibly excited for the new role/challenges, as well as continuing to evolve/grow the brands we have represented together. K2 will be making an official announcement very soon, & I will let JP inform you of all the great ideas he has to help accomplish your mutual goals.

Contact info: John 'JP' Pinnick 303.249.5729 [email protected]

It was 20 years ago I resigned my corporate suit/tie job(much to the dismay of my family/friends), in search of a life/job I was truly proud to be a part of. These last 17 years in the snow industry have truly validated that I made the right decision back then; each & every one of you have been a huge part of my business success & personal happiness!!! I simply can not thank you ALL enough, for the incredible support, and absolute true friendships that have been created, while accomplishing our mutual successes….

Although business is what brought us together, friendships like we enjoy simply do NOT just stop with a transition like this. This is NOT goodbye; simply more of an HASTA LUEGO! I hope that many of you will take advantage of the extended invitation to come visit & play in Nicaragua! You are ALL my extended family, and we will just play & hang out in different environments now. I will certainly keep you all posted of my whereabouts, and contact info down the road, and also know we will talk soon.

For this moment though, please accept my most sincere & heart felt thanks for ALL the amazing times we have shared, and also welcoming JP to the new role he most certainly deserves! I simply can not thank you all enough!!! It has been an incredible 'ride', in every sense of the word…..

Wishing you prosperity in ALL things life & work!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, with a 'lil tear THANK YOU!!!

Rob 'r2' Howland