Jeremy Jones on the state of the Snowboard Industry & getting back to its roots

Jones Snowboards took a different approach to the market, during a time where not a lot of diversity existed. In 2009, while the majority of companies in the space were marketing to ages 12-22, Jones saw an opportunity to speak to a more mature audience. Founder and professional Big Mountain rider Jeremy Jones sat down with TransWorld SNOWboarding at SIA Snow Show to discuss the early days of launching his brand, and where he sees the industry headed today.

jeremy jones on the state of the snowboard industry & getting back to its roots“The whole thing I’ve always run with Jones is very organic, in the sense that I never ran a focus group,” says Jones. “The product we’re making is the product I felt like I wanted, with the idea that there’s probably some other people that want this same stuff.”

He says he didn’t have a certain age range in mind when creating the product, and continues to uphold that standard today: “A good snowboard’s good for everyone.” From his perspective, Jones has seen a resurgence of the core snowboard demographic at the mountains, while at the same time acknowledging that there’s a multi-generational shift happening with more and more snowboarders starting families and introducing their children to the sport.

Jones goes on to discuss some other emerging trends he sees within snowboarding, like the shift from park-only riding to carving: “The turn on a snowboard is still the root of it—the best part of it,” he says.

Editors Note: The Sessions @ SIA is a video series produced by TransWorld Business in collaboration with SIA Snow Show, featuring some of the most influential snowboarding brands, executives, and athletes. Stay tuned to TransWorld Business as the next videos in the series roll out, including Zeal, Evo, Jones Snowboards, Burton, and Capita, to name just a few.


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