An ostentatious symbol of the ’90’s rock-star scene, Jack Martinez’s sunglass brand Black Flys is making its comeback. After the economically-driven sale of his Orange County based company to its then Japanese distributor, Carrozzeria Japan Co., Ltd. in 2008, Martinez has been re-instated as CEO of the brand he founded in 1991. The current market, however, offers some serious competition for Martinez, in the form of king-pins like Oakley, as well as Von ZipperDragon, Electric, and Leisure Society– all of which are also based in Orange County. Black Flys looks to make its comeback based on its undeniable authenticity, and re-capture the market with a return to the pure punk-rock attitude that helped build it into a core brand in the first place.

“There’s nothing like it now,” says Steve Zeldin, a former Surfing magazine editor in chief who will debut magazine and website in June. “Some brands have good ads, but there’s no brand that is the center of a scene.”
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