TransWorld Business and KBS+ P, a leading advertising and digital agency based in New York, have partnered to create Informant, a video series with leading brand managers, founders and directors in the action sports and streetwear industry, launching at this week’s Agenda New York show. The roll out is hosted by Amy Gunther of KCDC New York, and gets an insiders perspective on new and established brands, how technology is influencing their business, and what's driving trends. Stay tuned for the next two days for updated videos from the show…

Aaron Levant

NTWRK Agency

Generic Surplus

Nigel Sylvester

Native Shoes



Jereme Rogers

Gourmet's Jon Buscemi

Etnies' Pierre-André Senizergues

House of Marley's Rohan Marley

10.Deep's German Nieves

The Hundreds' Alex Corporan

G Shock

Play Cloths

Girls Riders Organization


Under Armour

Felix Arguelles

DC Shoes

Cult Bikes



Manny Santiago

Chad Muska

Animal Bikes

House of Marley


Vertigo Buyer Colton Tapp

David Ireland, Sol Republic Marketing

Black Box Founder Jamie Thomas

Sprayground Founder David Bendavid


5boros Mark Nardelli



Dave's Wearhouse's David Ortiz


Hopps Skateboards' Jahmal Williams

Analog's Adam Warren

Sector 9's Rob Molt

 Sector 9’s Rob Molt

Analog’s Adam Warren

Hopps Skateboards Owner Jahmal Williams

Skullcandy Marketing Director Tyson Andrus

Dave’s Wearehouse Owner David Ortiz

Ipath Sales Director Matt Gentilucci

5Boro Brand Director Mark Nardelli

David Ireland, Sol Republic Marketing

Vertigo Skate Shop Buyer Colton Tapp

Black Box Distribution Founder Jamie Thomas

Sprayground Founder David Bendavid

Neff Sales’s Chad St. Clair

WeSC’s Melissa St. Clair

House of Marley’s Brandon Schram

Animal Bikes’ Brandon Galosi

Pro Skater Chad Muska

Manny Santiago

DGK’s Stevie Williams and Jake Mednik

Podium’s Ricky Melnik


Cult Bikes

DC Shoes

Felix Arguelles

Under Armour’s


Girls Riders Organization

Play Cloths

G Shock

The Hundreds’ Alex Corporan

10.Deep’s German Nieves

House of Marley’s Rohan Marley

Etnies Founder Pierre-André Senizergues

Gourmet Co-Founder/ CMO Jon Buscemi

Pro Skater and Selfish Skateboards’ Jereme Rogers

Antics’ CJ Kester

HUF President Keith Hufnagel

Native Shoes’ Jessica Perez

Animal Bikes’ Nigel Sylvester

General Surplus’ Michael Govea

NTWRK Agency’s Kellen Roland

Agenda President Aaron Levant