In honor of last weekend’s Father’s Day festivities, TransWorld SNOWboarding took a look back at those rad dads that collectively helped found the  sport and create the industry that today is snowboarding.

Here’s a compilation of the top seven who made the list. As a side note, TWSNOW also would like to mention a few key names in snowboarding’s history:

“Now we know that these are not the only 'Fathers of Snowboarding' but there's only seven days in a week. Some of the other 'Fathers' that we would like to recognize are Sherman Poppin, Bob Barci, Bert LaMar, Tom BurtJamie Lynn,Terje HaakonsenChris RoachShawn Farmer, Damian Sanders, and many more who helped shape the sport into what it is today.”

Check out the entire, unabbreviated versions of these articles, written by TW SNOW’s Hondo, at TransWorld SNOW.com

1. Craig Kelly

Words by Hondo, TW SNOW

Craig Kelly is known to be the 'Godfather' of free-ridng. Craig brought so much to snowboarding, from the way we ride a snowboard, to the way we look when we ride a snowboard. Craig was a professional snowboarder up until the day he passed away in an avalanche near Revelstoke, BC.

Head here to see a piece written by Ken Achenbach about Craig from 1992.

Here’s more on Craig Kelly at TWSNOW.com.

Craig Kelly ripping a turn in 1989. PHOTO: Bud Fawcett

Check out Craig in the TransWorld SNOWboarding Video Magazine Ep1 from 1993 Here

2. Terry Kidwell

Words by Hondo, TW SNOW

When talking about the 'Fathers of Snowboarding' it's important to talk about Terry Kidwell. Terry is known to be the 'Father of Freestyle' snowboarding, which we guess, unless you're all racers, is the type of snowboarding that you all participate in. He's the first guy to do a McTwist on a snowboard. Without Terry we could all be wearing spandex and going through gates. And that doesn't sound too awesome. Read more on Kidwell at TW SNOW.

Terry Kidwell. Photo: Bud Fawcett

3. Tim Windell

Words by Hondo, TW SNOW

Tim Windell is on our list of 'Fathers of Snowboarding' becasue he's well regarded as the 'Father' of summer snowboarding up at Mt.Hood. Tim was a pro snowboarder for Sims Snowboards throughout the late 80's to the early 90's. In 1991 he placed 2nd in the world championships and in 89 and 90 he was ranked 2nd on the World Cup.Windells camp started in the early 1990's and since then has expended into a massive campus, and awesome on hill facilities.

 TW SNOW had more on Windell here.

Tim Windell. Photo: Bud Fawcett

 4. Ken Achenbach

Words by Hondo, TW SNOW

Ken Achenbach is know by many as the father of Canadian snowboarding. In the early '80s he founded The Snoboard Shop in Calgary, Alberta, the first snowboard retail space in Canada. He was a key figure in the ISM magazine, which was the first snowboard magazine, writing for it, and being featured all over it. Later in the '80s Ken rode for Barfoot where he helped design the first twin tip snowboard with Niel Dafferin and influence key snowboarders such as Devun Walsh. Ken now owns Camp of Champions which had been in operation for 25 years, one the of premier summer snowboard destinations on the planet, as well as Powder Mountain Cat Skiing. Read more on Ken Achenbach at TW SNOW.

Powder day during OP Pro, we rode powder while people were competing, June Mtn, CA 1992 Photos and captions: Bud Fawcett

5. Chuck Barfoot

Words by Hondo, TW SNOW

Chuck Barfoot worked at Sims snowboards during the 1970's. Chuck worked in the woodshop. In 1981 he branched off and founded Barfoot snowboards and skateboards. Chuck is known to be the pioneer of the first fiberglass snowboards, that also featured a swallowtail, and a flex-fin, much like a surf board. Chuck took his vast surf knowledge and brought it to the snow. He's also credited as being the pioneer of the twin tip snowboard. So next time you ride your snowboard, think of Chuck. Because if he didn't put in all that work to design awesome shapes and boards, we might all be skiing…

Read more at TW SNOW.

“Chuck Barfoot and Ernie DeLost at the old Barfoot factory near Santa Barbara in 1986. Ernie has rejoined him in making new products this year!”- Bud Fawcett PHOTO: Bud Fawcett.

6. Tom Sims

Words by Hondo, TW SNOW

Tom Sims was a professional skateboarder, and snowboarder. He founded Sims Snowboards, and was one of the pioneers of freestyle, and halfpipe snowboarding. Tom was also known for being Roger Moore's stunt double in the 1985 film "A view to Kill." Some consider Tom to be one of the most stylish guys to ever ride a snowboard. Tom passed away last December, and he's greatly missed. See more at TW SNOW.

Now that’s some serious style. PHOTO: James Cassimus.

7. Jake Burton

Words by Hondo, TW SNOW

Jake Burton founded Burton Snowboards in 1977, and since then, snowboarding has never been the same. Burton is the biggest, and most influential brand in snowboarding. Check out the video below to find out more about how Jake started Burton, and how it rose to the top. Read an interview TW SNOW did with Burton back in 2000. See more at TW SNOW.

Jake Burton and Kevin Pearce. Photo: Adam Moran