Carey Hart of Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company

Press Release: Irvine, CA, May 21, 2013 – Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company has announced today their plans to open more locations within select global markets.  Hart & Huntington opened the world's first casino tattoo parlor in Las Vegas in 2004 which was the site of A&E's top rated tattoo reality series "Inked" which chronicled the shop's talented tattoo artists as they went through the ups and downs of running a highly successful business on the strip.   

Founded by motocross legend Carey Hart, Hart & Huntington Tattoo is not your typical tattoo shop. Created out of a desire to provide a tattooing experience that lives up to consumer's expectations, Hart & Huntington Tattoo offers a clean, safe environment that operates with the highest health and safety standards and is staffed with the best in the business.  With three high profile locations under its belt and Hart's name on the door, the concept has become a top destination attraction in Las Vegas, NV, Orlando, FL. and Niagara Falls, Canada.

 The Irvine-based company plans to open its own corporate locations and has developed a licensed opportunity for qualified partners to share in the growth of this compelling tattoo/retail concept.

 "For the past three years we have been refining our business system to make sure we are expanding with a retail model that is adjustable for specific markets and conditions," said Hart & Huntington founder Carey Hart.

"Some locations may require more tattoo stations where others need a larger merchandise footprint as with our Orlando FL. shop.  Finding the right balance between the two revenue sources is key for us.  Clearly there is still a great demand for tattoos. Vacation spots like Vegas, Orlando and Niagara Falls are host to tons of people looking to get some body art as a sort of lifelong souvenir of their visit.  I'm excited to share our incredible brand through the opening of more shops.”

About Hart & Huntington

Hart & Huntington is the tattoo inspired clothing line founded by motocross legend and entrepreneur Carey Hart.  After opening the first ever tattoo shop in a casino, the company expanded into making quality clothing based on the designs from their talented artists. Hart & Huntington clothes represent the INK ROCK MOTO lifestyle of innovative individuals who set their own rules.  The collection has evolved into it's own as a creative, action sports and tattoo based line offering a full range of quality apparel for men and women.  For more information, please visit

About Carey Hart

Carey Hart is one of the most recognized names in motocross.  Traveling the globe on a quest to put freestyle motocross on the map, his popularity helped increase exposure for the sport of freestyle motocross and the tattoo lifestyle. Carey's passion for tattoos turned into a business venture with the birth of Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company, which encompasses the tattoo shop concept, a clothing company, an off-road truck racing team and his supercross team, RCH Racing.  In addition to these business ventures, Carey dedicates significant time to his family, famed musician "Pink" and his daughter.  For more information, please visit