Grom Drops Their “Major Rippers” Full-Video

GROM Founders Ricky Schaffer and Mike Madlener Talk About the Brand

We heard that the GROM boys were dropping a new video. We caught up with founders Ricky Schaffer and Mike Madlener to hear more from the brand, their GROM Army, and the Major Rippers.

GROM'S founders, Mike Madlener and Ricky Schaffer

GROM’S founders, Mike Madlener and Ricky Schaffer

What is GROM? 

GROM is an age appropriate boys performance action sports apparel brand. Our target is boy's six to 16 years old doing whatever rad sport they do: skate, surf, snowboard, ski, moto, BMX, wake, and all things GROM. We focus on youth, action sports, families, and fun. We are Grom trusted and mom approved!

How did GROM begin? Why was it important to fulfill this 6-16-year-old market for the boys category? 

Over the past ten years there have been significant and dynamic shifts in the age of the action sports participant. What used to be ripping at age 19 is now ripping at age nine. Our industry as a whole is not adequately addressing this shift. GROM is addressing the shift in an inspiring and age appropriate way that brings out the best of what our sports have to offer, giving kids a brand of their own and a platform to shine, and giving retailers an opportunity build their next decade of consumer base.

What differentiates GROM from other brands that offer the boys category? 

GROM is boys only. This gives us an opportunity to design with an age appropriate eye. We build with the same quality as men's; same high-quality fabrics and constructions, and we always keep our themes clean, fun, and family friendly. Because we are focused only on boys and design from their perspective, we are not concerned with a 24-year- old and his version of cool because we design for 12-year-olds. Our youthful audience has their own sense of style and what is cool for 24 may or may not be cool to them or even appropriate. Young ripping kids are no longer followers – they are their own tastemakers and GROM is their brand.

Can you touch on why the parents love GROM? 

Parents love GROM because they trust us. They trust our quality and our fit, they trust our price point, and most importantly they know they can always trust GROM to stay on message. They know that we truly care about kids.

What is the GROM Army? 

The GROM ARMY is the fun term that we have given our loyal followers. These kids love all the sports, they absolutely rip at what they do, they are super cool with each other, and they rock GROM! We have so many they are like an army for real!  They post tons of GROM stuff, tag us on everything, DM us constantly, send us letters, and put stickers everywhere. They are the best! We communicate with them all the time and it's super fun. The GROM ARMY is the now generation of action sports and it is growing everyday!

What is the 10-minute film about and who is in it? 

This particular video short features our GROM skate team. GROM is not only their brand but it is also their platform to shine. The video features seven of our team riders or what we call 'Major Rippers' skating different parks and bowls. This video is the future, after watching the final cut, Rick and I looked at each other and one of us mumbled, "if you are 17, want to go pro and don't skate on this level yet, please consider college as an option!" We both laughed, but there is a grain of truth to that.

What is the distribution for GROM? Who carries the brand in their shop? 

GROM is in specialty retail stores and chains around the country. We have distribution in California, Hawaii, Florida, New York, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas.  For an actual retail list, please check out our website at