On January 26, surfers and skateboarders alike gathered in San Clemente, California to celebrate the release of a collaboration between surfing legend Greg Noll and Element called Travel Well— a line of three complete skateboards that each represent an era in Noll’s history.


Jed Noll’s shop in San Clemente was the perfect venue for the event.


Some classics lined the wall of the venue.


Element’s Team Manager Ryan Dewitt is as legit as they get.


So is Ray Barbee.


These guys are too: TW’s Charlie Anderson, Billy Corvalan, and Jamey Stone flank Element/ VZ’s Vince De La Penå.


President & Founder of Element Johnny Schillereef gave Greg Noll credit as being one of the “original skateboarders.”


Greg Noll is all time. He called a girl from the crowd up to the front to show everyone something …


Then he gave her a full-on wedgey and showed the crowd that she was sporting some black-and-white horizontal stripes (like he made famous back in the early days of big wave riding in Hawaii.)

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