Mountain Dew is releasing its third volume of Green Label Art bottles featuring designs by Pushead, Nathan Cabrera, Jeff McMillan, Stephen Bliss, UPSO and Claw Money , and to kick things off they hosted a launch party in LA on Tuesday, August 18 at Barracuda Melrose.

In addition to being featured on the bottles, the series partnered with manufacturers to incorporate the art into gear from  WeSC (Pushead), Adidas (Nathan Cabrera), Zoo York (Jeff McMillan), Burton (Stephen Bliss), G-Shock (UPSO) and New Era (Claw Money).  “These LTD products will only be available through an under-the-cap sweepstakes on Green Label Art bottles and specially marked bottles of regular Dew,” says Greg Waters of Enright Communications. “Thousands of collab products will be awarded throughout the eight-week promo that kicks off on Labor Day.”

…and from the release:

Green Label Art, Volume III will extend beyond store shelves and come to life through a two-week exhibit in NYC starting with an opening night reception in early September. The gallery will be open to the public, host artist meet-and-greets and showcase the Green Label Art creations and other works. All six bottles will be sold at the gallery, with proceeds donated to a non-profit organization that supports the arts.

To learn more about Green Label Art, a multimedia micro-site is available at:

Green Label Art, Volume III – Artist Bios

Hailing from San Francisco, Pushead, is a self-described "underground renaissance man" whose signature punk-influenced artwork has appeared on skateboards, sneakers, vinyl toys, clothing, posters and record sleeves for renowned bands like Metallica and The Misfits. A published writer and regular contributor to the unofficial Bible of skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine, he also owns two indie-record labels, Pusmort and Bacteria Sour.

The self-taught Nathan Cabrera is a versatile LA-based artist who moves effortlessly between sculpting, painting, vinyl toys, computers, fashion, television and print. His work has been featured in galleries worldwide and graced the covers of Juxtapoz, Flaunt and Arkitip. He got his start producing and coloring graphic novels for DC and Marvel Comics. He has also worked with Converse, Nike, Levi's, Maharishi, HUF and other respected lifestyle brands.

A California native residing in Long Beach, Jeff McMillan studied illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. His intricate, detailed artwork is heavily influenced by '80s pop culture. Jeff also has the distinct honor of being a featured blogger on Slamxhype – a top lifestyle website that is read in over 130 countries.

Stephen Bliss is based in NYC where he serves as the Senior Artist at Rockstar Games. He is responsible for painting and designing packaging, magazine covers, posters and billboards for the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto series. Over the years, his sublime illustration abilities have been tapped by a range of top brands including Sony, Nintendo, Pepsi, MTV and Burton, as well as GQ, Sunday Times, ID and Time Magazine.

UPSO is a Toledo, OH-based graphic artist, curator and publisher.  He has worked with brands such as Kid Robot, MTV and Converse, and his artwork has been displayed in magazines, books and on gallery walls around the world.  Since 2001, he has published the critically-acclaimed art magazine, Faesthetic, and has worked as a curator for companies like Threadless and Scion.

Claw Money is recognized the world-over for her signature "paw with three claws" icon. With deep roots in the New York graffiti scene, her namesake clothing and accessories line has garnered a strong following from an array of leading actors and musicians. Major brands including Nike, Boost Mobile, Calvin Klein, Gap and K2 have signed her up for exclusive collaborations.