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Cypress, Calif. (August 16, 2013) – Vans, the original action sports brand, and leading streetwear purveyor and skateshop DQM, celebrated the opening of The Vans DQM General in Boston on Friday night. The General, located at 174 Newbury Street in Boston's renowned Back Bay shopping district hosted locals, family and friends as they celebrated the expanded partnership between two of the most prolific names in contemporary streetwear, Vans and DQM.

“I am extremely excited to celebrate the opening of The Vans DQM General concept in Boston," said Chris Keeffe, founder and owner of DQM. "Through our partnership with Vans, we have successfully provided a top-tier boutique environment that is perfect for the community." The decision to bring the Vans DQM General to Boston was no coincidence. Boston is a city deeply rooted in east coast skateboarding culture and has major ties to Vans' humble beginnings.

The Friday evening celebration served as the official kick-off for the Vans DQM General opening which took place in late July. Professional skateboarder and musician, Ray Barbee returned to the General with a special musical performance providing the perfect tribute to the original store grand opening in SOHO, New York back in 2011.

The new 1,200 square foot Boston store combines the DQM skate and streetwear aesthetic with the forward development of the Vans' environmental design team. "Working with Chris and Tashi from DQM provided an amazing opportunity to create an unparalleled retail environment," said Michael Hurst, Vans Director of Environmental Design. "We've been able to blend our brand identities seamlessly to create a setting that is truly unique to Vans and DQM." The General features pieces of Vans' history including original factory machinery displayed at the store front along with heritage images of Vans' storied past. Additionally, it includes vintage accessories purchased from local antique shops, light fixtures purchased from flea markets across the east coast, a navy ship ladder refurbished to display footwear along with custom tables and shelves built from 100-year-old, reclaimed barn wood.

The General, Vans' first retail foray in Manhattan, has been widely successful since its opening. To further grow The General brand, Vans and DQM introduced the new retail destination to the “Rodeo Drive of the East.” Newbury Street, home to an eclectic mix of independent shops and high-end fashion boutiques, welcomes millions of tourists and locals each year, creating a unique opportunity to open The Van DQM General.

The General carries both exclusive co-branded DQM for Vans footwear and crafted apparel, as well as select Vans and DQM premium products for men and women. Expect to find the newest cut & sew and accessories from DQM, the latest from Vans across several lines including Classics, California, Surf, OTW, Skate and Vault collections and a nice selection of boards, wheels and trucks.