Grain Surfboards Releases Kickstarter Project: Mobile Surfboard-Building Classroom


For years now, Grain Surfboards has been plugging away trying to find more ways to share the craft of surfboard-building with as many people as they can. In an effort to reach surfers that may not be able to travel to their home base in Maine, they have just launched a Kickstarter project aimed at getting out on the road. You can visit their project at

The goal of this project is to share the craft of wood board-building with as many people as possible. Grain will do this by customizing a truck and trailer to be a complete mobile classroom. This will allow Grain to set up and teach a class at any location requested, from a beach parking lot to your own backyard.

Launched at the end of February, the project has just a couple of weeks left to reach it’s goal of $38,500.  As a way to thank those who contribute to the project, Grain will be giving rewards to each backer based on their contribution level. One reward that Grain is most excited about is full-size paper plans for Grain’s board designs.

“We put a lot of thought into the rewards that we’re offering with our Kickstarter, including everything from our handmade skateboards to a full-on board building experience in one of our classes. Most of them are geared at sharing this experience with people,” says Mike LaVecchia, co-owner of Grain. “However, we’ve gotten requests over the years about paper plans for our board designs. While our HomeGrown kits are geared towards helping home builders, there are many who really prefer to do it from scratch. We're happy to now offer this level of service to these builders”

As of March 1st, Grain started exclusively offering paper plans through their Kickstarter project. For those who contribute $200 to the project, they will receive paper plans for any shape they offer as a kit. Plans include keel and frames, internal and external templates, rail guides and an instruction manual.

Grain plans to begin the west coast teaching as early as this summer if the project is fully funded by March 21st.


View the project on Kickstarter & Watch the video below
Truck-n-Trailer:Mobile Surfboard-Building Classroom


Grain Surfboards is committed to promoting the benefits of building and surfing wooden surfboards and believes that wooden surfboards can have more impact on the surfing experience and less impact on the environment. All of the wood products used in Grain surfboards and kits are sourced from local mills and forestlands in Maine that practice sustainable harvesting. All wood waste from the production of Grain’s boards and kits is actively reduced and creatively recycled. Grain ships surfboards and complete surfboard kits worldwide and hosts week-long classes in which anyone can learn to handcraft their own wood surfboard. Grain is co-owned and managed by Mike LaVecchia and Brad Anderson.