Grain Surfboards is putting its scraps to good use with a new line of hand-built skateboards as part of “The Offcuts Initiative.”

Here’s more from Grain:

It lies around the shop in piles, buckets and bins, just waiting for a life of its own.  Most people would see it as "waste", but a very special corner of Grain Surfboard's catalogue is made exclusively from it – wood scraps. These bits of wood, coupled with Grain's passion for "closing the loop" have inspired their latest effort, which they call "The Offcuts Initiative".

“The Offcuts Initiative is a recognition of our effort to waste no waste," states Brad Anderson, Grain co-owner. "In the normal course of producing surfboards and Home Grown Kits, we've simply devoted ourselves to finding ways for each off-cut to be used somewhere down the line."   Though the last stop for Grain's shavings and splinters is as animal bedding or garden mulch, whatever wood harbors even a hint of utility gets saved in the corners of the shop to await it's full potential.

As they previously have with Grain's line of hand-planes and body boards, these saved scraps seem almost to inspire a path to their own future.  And so, when master-deck-presser Courtney Strait strolled into Grain's shop one day with a collection of her skateboards, the way seemed clear. A plan was soon hatched to laminate a pile of beautiful, leftover cedar veneers together with SFI-certified sustainably harvested maple to create The Cedar Hill Skateboard.  Finished with a "permanent grip-tape" deck of bamboo cloth laminated with Entropy Eco-resin, and with the distinctive Grain Surfboards logo burned into the deck and bottom, this first skateboard to come from The Offcuts Initiative is like no other.  With all the perfectly paved roads around Grain Surfboard's headquarters, the R&D department will be quite busy.

Grain Surfboards is proud to bring it's line of handplanes, the Sea Sled body boards, and now The Cider Hill Skateboard, into the new "Offcuts Initiative" program.  With this step, surfers, skaters and people that care about thoughtful product development can know that they're "recycling and recovering the resource" even as they combine their passion for street-surfing or body-surfing with caring for the planet

ABOUT GRAIN SURFBOARDSGrain Surfboards is committed to promoting the benefits of building and surfing wooden surfboards and believes that wooden surfboards can have more impact on the surfing experience and less impact on the environment. All of the wood products used in Grain surfboards and kits are sourced from local mills and forestlands in Maine that practice sustainable harvesting. All wood waste from the production of Grain’s boards and kits is actively reduced and creatively recycled. Grain ships surfboards and complete surfboard kits worldwide and hosts week-long classes in which anyone can learn to handcraft their own wood surfboard. Grain is co-owned and managed by Mike LaVecchia and Brad Anderson.