GoPro Making Headlines As It Prepares To Go Public

Lots of stories about GoPro are popping up in the business sections of major media outlets today after the company updated it’s IPO filing to include more details, including that it plans to sell 17.8 million shares between $21 and $24, which will raise somewhere around $400 Million. Most analysts are estimating that the company will have a total worth (all private and public shares included) between $2.7 and $3 Billion dollars (yep, about as much as apple paid for Beats Music and Beats Electronics).

Nick Woodman’s 49% of the company (56 million shares) should make him worth around $1.2 Billion on paper.

Want a piece of the action? GoPro has announced a loyalty program to include “fans and customers” in it’s IPO.

Woodman explains the details in a short video presumably shot on a GoPro camera.

Last week, GoPro announced that it had hired Tony Bates as president. Bates, a former Microsoft executive and  CEO of Skype, will report directly to founder/CEO Nick Woodman.

Peter Gotcher has also been added to the board of directors. According to Marketwatch, “Mr. Gotcher is an independent venture investor, Chairman of Dolby Laboratories, and serves on the board of Pandora. He brings to GoPro more than 25 years of experience in digital media production and distribution.”

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