Women's B Pro Series, $539.95 and Men's Riders Choice PTX, $539.95.

Women's B Pro Series, $539.95 and Men's Riders Choice PTX, $539.95.


Retailer Contact: 360-683-9414

Pete Saari, VP of Marketing; Kyle Phillips, VP of Sales

What are the biggest trends shaping the hardgoods market for next year?
Snowboard specific board design is playing a huge part in today’s Gnu.  Boards built for they way you actually use a snowboard and designed around your body’s anatomy.

Revolutionary Banana Magnetraction Technology has been built into every Gnu for years but, the Park Pickle’s asymmetric twin geometries perfectly balance your body’s natural asymmetry and the different turn mechanics used to control your heel side and toe side turns.  “Twin Asymmetric Magetraction Banana’s for ducks” are getting real trendy.  Get Pickled or check out the new asym Impossible and Riders Choice Series.

How are you working with retailers to help ensure strong margins and the right amount of product in the marketplace?
We manufacture our boards to pre book order.  We work with all our dealers to hold pricing for as long as possible to insure healthy margins. Our reps and Sales Manager help sell banana’s whenever possible.

How big are your lines going to be compared to years past? Have you seen customers being confused by too many different stories?
We have added The Impossible Series with Magnesium EC2 Banana Magnetraction Twin Asymmetric Balanced Geometries.  What do you mean confusing?

Every board we make is Banana Technology with Magnetraction all terrain rocker camber combos. We offer 3 basic Banana Tech camber rocker combo’s each with a different performance focus.  C2BTX,  EC2 BTX and BTX.  C2 has is for our most aggressive power freestyle and freeriders (B Pro,Temple, Danny, Riders Choice).  BTX or Banana Tech is really fun to ride for all levels and rips the Jibs, Park and Pow (Park PIckle, Street Series, B Street, B Nice) EC2 is halfway between the two and a great one board does it all geometry for all levels and terrain (Impossible series).

Our Park PIckle, Riders Choice and Impossible Series are balanced to perfection through asymmetry.

What opportunities do you see for growing hardgoods sales? (are you focusing more on kids, women, rentals, core retailers, chains, Internet, entry level product, high end, split boards, etc., etc.)Please explain

Asymmetric Magnesium snowboards. Speedy Backdoor Performance Bindings. Womens products designed by Barrett Christy. Banked Slalom winning Billy Goat Backcountry freeride boards designed by Temple Cummins.   A quality product delivered on time at the right price made in the USA!  We build our own damn snowboards.
Where do you honestly foresee prices heading for next season?
Every Gnu Banana is chock full of handcrafted US made value from the UHMW sidewalls to the low spin weight tucked in edges at tips and tails..

New lower price on our Street Series and our youth Banana’s!

The brand new Impossible Series is our most technologically advanced Gnu of all time…Magnesium fiber, EC2 Banana, Magnetraction, Twin Asym, Bio Polymer Topsheet, Columbian Gold Core, Sintered ecoSublimated base…Performance money can buy.

We have been hearing a lot of green stories in all product categories. Is this something you are focusing on for hardgoods?

We build Gnus at Mervin Manufacturing the worlds most environmental snowboard factory. Every Gnu is built using fast growing sustainable farmed eco woods, water based eco-sublimation graphicing systems, Low VOC epoxies etc etc etc.  We work at the factory and our crew is constantly working to reduce our environmental impact and footprint. If we get an idea we do the math and implement it no matter how weird it is.
Must have, new technologies have been about the only things selling at full ticket.  What are you introducing that shop staff can demonstrate to customers and convince them that they have to have?
Balance through Asymmetry.  Your body is asymmetric…your board should be.

Magnetraction.  Serrated edges grip all over the mountain.

Various Banana Tech “rocker between your feet” camber combinations.  Banana technology is the original and highest performing all terrain rocker of all time.  Banana tech and C2 Banana tech have won: King of the Hill, Olympic Pipe Gold, Euro X games pipe gold, New Zealand Open Slopestyle champion,  Shake down rail/jib champion, Dew tour overall Pipe Champion and countless design awards…Ride the original Banana.


What are the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you’ve made to your boards?

Besides Magnetraction serrated steak knife edges and Banana Tech rocker camber combos Gnu most significant technology is Balance Through Asymmetry.  Standing sideways on a snowboard your body is asymmetric from heel to toe and your turn mechanics are different on your heelside and toe side. The Park Pickle perfectly balances nature’s asymmetry allowing complete freestyle freedom. Take a balanced Park Pickle, Riders Choice or Impossible for a run and you will feel the difference for a few turns, then as your body and board realize perfect harmony with the technology you will achieve the state Gnu engineers call  “imperceptible design perfection” and new levels of shred joy will be actualized.  Get Balanced and get weird!
Any new materials or construction technologies in the pipe?

The new Impossible Series featuring Magnesium fiber technology.  Magnesium is a metal formed in the stars and is extremely rare and volitile in its pure form. Found in the earths crust it’s ions are vital to every living cell and is the center ion of chlorophyll vital to photosynthesis.  When alloyed with aluminum as we use it in our boards it is prized for its lightness and strength.  Magnesuim also makes a great Laxitive. The Impossible series has more tech than any other Gnu in history our lightest and livelest board to date.  Celebrate and harmonize with natures gift of asymmetry.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?

Tim Karpinski art directs Gnu.  Working and running his “Together Gallery” on Alberta street in Portland Tim is constantly working with and looking at and creating fantastic artwork…we work with him and his artist friends to create snowboards that don’t look lame. This years Street Series was done by Print Mafia and looks really good. Ripping snowboarder Adam Haynes did Temples Billy Goat and Altered Genetic this year. Barrett Christy worked with Tim, Nick Russian, Fumi, Yellena and Hannah Stouffer to create a lovely Gnu Girls line this year. Danny Teamed up with Jeremy Fish on his personal Totems. Matt French pressed some paper in his waffle iron and came up with the Impossible series.  Pinski himself did the Park PIckle, Carbon Credits and more.