If you are reading this then you more than likely have access to clean water, however lack of sanitation and water-born diseases are part of everyday life for a large number of less fortunate people. Today a superstar of the skateboarding world, Nyjah Huston was born and raised under these conditions, and knows what it’s like to have to work for what many of us take for granted.

This is why in 2008 Nyjah and his mother Kelle founded the Let it Flow foundation, which works to build clean wells that provide access to potable water in areas that lack the basic infrastructure to do so. Being that Nyjah’s 18th birthday is coming up, he has set a goal of raising 18,000 dollars for his charity.That money would go to building wells and filtration systems for communities that either have to travel long distances for access to water, or have none at all.

By going online and donating you can not only help those in need, you can also get everything from signed decks, apparel, and even private skate sessions with Nyjah at the DC skatepark depending on how much you give. Rob Brink has written an in-depth story about this great charity, and can be seen on ESPN’s website. If you can, support by giving to this cause that hits close to home for its founders.