According to a press release sent out by Burton early Wednesday morning, the brand has issued a necessary update to their Step On bindings, due to a defective component.

The update to the Step On Cleat component. Photo: Burton

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All Burton Step On bindings feature a “Heel Cleat” component with two levels of connection. According to Burton’s announcement on their website, the defective component of the binding is in Position 1, which is not engaged while riding, but nonetheless an important part of the binding to ensure safety.

evolution of step-in

Burton Step On Binding in Black. Photo: Burton

Here is the full announcement from Burton:

The Heel Cleat component found on all Burton Step On boots features two levels of connection with two different engagement positions. Position 1 is designed to accommodate for underfoot snowpack. The final heel engagement position, Position 2, is the optimal and most common riding position.

We’ve discovered a possible issue in which the Heel Cleat may not properly engage when in Position 1. While this only affects the functionality of Position 1, we strongly advise an immediate update to the Heel Cleat on your Step On boots.

Until this update has been made, please ride with the Heel Cleat engaged in Position 2.

If you have a pair of the Step On boots and aren’t comfortable installing the update yourself, or want more information, head to Burton’s website for more details.

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