geGE Energy has announced a collaboration with Amaterrace Inc. to develop new membrane laminates for outdoor industry manufacturers. GE plans to combine their eVent membrane technology with Amaterrace’s lamination to create several new air-permeable fabrics.

The collaboration plans to create air-permeable softshells and fleeces, woven-back hardshells and windproof air-permeable shells and liners.

From the press release:

GE’s collaborative approach allows for greater customer flexibility, putting the customer’s label on the outside with proven eVent technology on the inside. For entrepreneurial brands, this offers a new level of design freedom, ushering in a new era of innovation in waterproof-breathable apparel, footwear and gear.

“We are pleased that Amaterrace has embraced the flexibility and innovation that GE offers with its eVent fabrics product line,” said Glenn Crowther, product line leader for performance fabrics at GE. “Together, we’re creating laminates we believe outdoor brands globally will use to create innovative new garment styles.”