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Tramp & Forumula

Tramp & Forumula


Vin Connolly, Sales Director – [email protected], 802- 383- 6903

Mark Taylor – product manager, boots:

What overall trends are you seeing in the boot market?

There are a few key trends that are shaping the boot market. The first is improving fit while maintaining durability and reducing boot pack out. Secondly, focused flex designed to move where you need it so riders can move naturally in their setup and feel fully connected. Finally, consistent design and branding throughout boot lines and the use of better materials and detailing. A brand that capitalizes on these trends will be a leader in the boot market for the 2011 season.

What new construction techniques, technologies, or fabrics do you see breaking out next year?

We have spent a lot of time to make Forum boots fit better, last longer and make riding more fun. Focusing on freestyle, we have created a true park-riding innovation– the Tweaker Cuff, which provides a softer medial (inside) flex that allows riders to style-out their presses and grabs while also being more comfortable in a wider shred stance. All this medial flex without compromising the toe-to-heel and lateral (outside) support riders need to power through a heavy landing and hold that edge while charging at massive features. We also took a fresh look at how we construct our boots and decided to start by constructing the boots from the inside out. Forever Fit Construction ensures that the boot won't pack out from day one to seventy-five. In order to comfortably shred all day and every day, we have created the new Footpillow footbed for all-day comfort and the removable Feetbelt to hold you snug in your liner and provide added ankle support, eliminating heel lift and increasing comfort.

What about graphic treatments and colors?

The in-your-face patterns and neon color trends are winding down. For 2011, the Forum boot line will feature more solid colors and tones and use visually appealing color blocking without the blaring shock-value. The use of sublimination in our 2011 line enhances the creativity and overall aesthetic of the boots to place Forum at the forefront of boot trends and graphic treatment for the upcoming season.

Any new trends in market segmentation?

Our boot line is 100% focused on freestyle riding and creating freestyle enhancing technology such as the Tweaker cuff. This separation of medial, lateral, and toe-heel flex is designed to make the rider have more control and comfort while charging and hitting massive features all day every day.

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