Focus Apparel, started out of SoCal by a group of motocross athletes, have launched a new line in the lifestyle clothing industry. The company produces tees, tanks, hats, beanies, hoodies, and jackets, and plans to extend their brand into accessories and various other clothing. Since the launch, Focus Apparel has been trying to build a team of athletes to represent the brand, "It's our goal to support athletes of all levels and offer them a sponsorship unlike any other.”

Read the official press release from Focus Apparel on their new line.

Somis, Ca.— Focus Apparel is a new player in the active lifestyle clothing industry. The company is made up of former motocross athletes and business professionals alike that have come together to form a high-quality brand. Focus Apparel represents a lifestyle with outside the box thinking among the action sports community. The company's headquarters is in Southern, California, on a 20 acre ranch. Athletes and clients alike are always welcome to the ranch and are sure to find themselves a great time.

Focus Apparel's men and women's designer apparel is created to be edgy, authentic, and emotionalized. The company prides itself on having quality over quantity, utilizing amazing fabrics, using aggressive colors and lines, and always finding a way to make a statement about you.  The collection rebels against mundane products as it represents a new look, fit and direction with no limitations.  The design is specifically for action sports athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Currently, Focus Apparel's product line consists of tees, tanks, hats, beanies, hoodies and jackets. They plan on extending their line to jeans, board shorts, active wear, socks, underwear and more. Additionally, they plan on adding various accessories to the line, such as goggles, sunglasses, belts, wallets, and backpacks.

When launching four months ago, Focus Apparel had one goal in mind; to deliver quality-manufactured goods for the active lifestyle market. "We have taken everything that has traditionally bothered consumers about tee shirts, sweatshirts and clothing in general and solved the issues," says CEO and Owner Paul Wolff. "Our shirts are over an inch longer, our materials are softer with more vibrant colors, we have screened in labels to avoid neck itch and we are proud to say our apparel is ready to wear right out of the box with no break-in required."

Since their launch, Focus Apparel has been pursuing professional and amateur athletes to represent their brand. "It's our goal to support athletes of all levels and offer them a sponsorship unlike any other. Focus Apparel will be there whether it's helping athletes get the media coverage they deserve or just being there for their support," says Director of Athlete Relations Brett Saunders. "Constant communication to develop a personal relationship with each and every athlete is very important to me. Sure I can be the sponsor that just sends an athlete a box of goodies and tells them to rock the brand, but that's not how Focus Apparel works. I want to build relationships and grow with my athletes." Focus Apparel has added some top names to its moto program such as Taylor Robert, Justin Soulé, Kacy Martinez, and Sherri Cruse to name a few. Focus Apparel plans to continue growing and become a competitive top contender in the active lifestyle and sport apparel industry.

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