The Rift Quickfit (left) and Hylite Zipfit (right).

The Rift Quickfit Lago (left) and Hylite Zipfit (right).

Alex Zhao, Product Manager/Boots

What are some overall boot trends that you’re seeing?

There are a couple of major trends happening right now, one is definitely the lightweight story, every brand has a super light weight boot in their line. I also think eco friendly materials are in, using some recycled and biodegradable materials.

What is something groundbreaking going on in boots whether construction, techniques, materials, technologies?

One of the more interesting things is that going on is that boots have been dissected into lacing categories whether it is lace, zonal or BOA. The progression of this is taking those lacing systems and combining them through emphasis on what each system does best. For instance, our HyLite ZipFitTM combines the best of a Boa Focus system with our own QuickFitTM closure system allowing the absolute best in ease of use and lacing customization.

What is going on with graphics & color treatment, what are the trends you’re seeing?

Of course, black is still the main color every year, but its the details that defines the boot. It could be a black boot with textured materials, or bright color hits in the right spots to make the boot pop and stand out. The trend is towards texture.