Sarah Cameron likes to go fast. Whether she's on a skateboard, snowboard, surfboard, dirt bike, or any other conveyance, Cameron seems driven by speed and fun. "Inspiration comes from doing things that keep me stoked, like riding my dirt bike on a summer night, getting some fresh tracks, or trying a new trick," says Cameron, who recently embarked on her biggest new trick by launching POM POM™, the first wax and accessory company specifically marketed to girls, with her husband Roger.

Sarah and Roger Cameron make a speedy get away from their 2001 wedding.
Sarah and Roger Cameron make a speedy get away from their 2001 wedding.

Based in East Longmeadow, MA, Sarah first got the idea for POM POM™ last year after helping Roger test skate and snow wax for his company, Magical Go-Go™. "After looking at the graphic on the back of the box of Magical Go-Go™ wax that shows a guy farting, I realized that the image of the brand was targeted more toward a male audience," says Sarah. "I thought it was funny that a girl (myself) was spending so much time researching and testing wax formulas to market a product mainly to guys. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that all wax and tools are targeted at guys. I decided Magical Go-Go needed a sister who would encourage and empower girls to get psyched and learn how to wax and tune their boards. So Roger and I got super busy that night and POM POM was conceived."

POM POM Hot Wax/Rub-on Snowboard Wax

From working with Roger's company, Sarah knew the level of dedication that starting a successful company would take, but still was crazy enough to dive in. "Since there are only 2 of us, we do it all. From product development, web, catalog & package design, developing and testing formulas, calling shops, filling & shipping orders, you name it, we do it. What I enjoy doing the most is art and brand direction, but since we’re so small, we’ve got to do everything ourselves. Sometimes it seems like we don’t know when one day ends and the next begins. We’re busy, for sure, but somehow the two of us manage to get it all done ourselves."

Caroline Onzik, POM POM
Caroline Onzik takes a mighty dump truck for a slide with a little help from her POM POM. Photo Courtesy of POM POM

The Cameron's are sculpting their niche in an increasingly green world and are doing their part to reduce the footprint of their products. POM POM's waxes are made without petroleum based paraffin and eco-consciousness seems to be at their core. But Sarah says that POM POM’s biggest mission is "to encourage and empower girls to take charge and learn to wax and tune their boards. Too many girls shy away from tools and tuning because they don’t know how to do it." Sarah believes that this ties in with their eco-friendly mission. "Probably the most "eco" thing you can do when it comes to buying a new snowboard is making the one you’ve got last longer. Waxing protects your base and keeps it smooth & fast and can add years of life to it. "

This dedication has bred rapid results for a market, girls wax, that didn't really exist before. "POM POM was well received right away and was asked to be the wax sponsor for the Rip Curl Girls Tour in Europe and has also sponsored some events at MGT and ones that Shredbetties and Shredding Betty have put on," continues Sarah. "POM POM is also the skate wax sponsor for Girls Riders Organization. This upcoming year we’ll be in Japan, Italy, the UK, New Zealand, and the States," not to mention launching a new surf wax line, a collaboration with Bonfire, and picking up a team that includes Marie-France Roy, Kana Terui, Femke Henriques, Robin Van Gyn and Caroline Onzik. Not bad for being less than a year old.

Kana Terui, Photo Steve Cardinale
Kana Terui slaps one down. Photo: Steve Cardinale

"What stokes me the most about our business is creating a product that gets me and other people psyched. It’s a radical feeling to have an idea in your head and be able to bring that vision to life and see people respond in such a positive way."
When asked what advice she would give others launching their own company, Sarah states confidently that "if you have a dream or an idea, go for it with no fall-back plan. If you have a Plan B, then you will take that Plan B. Having your own business isn’t easy, but in many ways, successful or not, it’s by far the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done."
Pom Pom Curb Cake

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