Crowdfunding Campaign: Creating Adventures Sports TripAdvisor

Rate and review the destinations, spots, tracks, routes, pistes and beaches

A new crowdfunding campaign is generating support for 'exploco' the adventure sports industry's own TripAdvisor.

For the first time it will be possible to rate and review the suppliers, operators and schools which make up the adventure travel industry.

The exploco platform will also feature detailed reviews of everyadventure sports destination on the planet, have 1 million destinations and 8,000 activity suppliers on launch.

Crowdfunding support will push this to 8 million destinations and deliver fully mobile, location specific reviews, guides, videos and social media content from the most exciting sporting locations in the world.


Contributors to the campaign will be joining a global community of adventure sports experts and helping build a community they can trust to deliver the reviews and advice they need. Cofounder Cameron Norsworthy explains: "Built by the community, for the community, exploco will be the one resource that people who seek the most exciting and daring activities can unite around."

Key to the project is user generated content this provides the detailed information on routes, tracks, dive spots, tides, breaks, conditions, travel information and accommodation that up to now was impossible to source in one place.

Review relevant information for specific destinations

"It will revolutionise the adventure sports industry, in effect creating a TripAdvisor for anyone into adventure and extreme sports," says cofounder, Mark Pawlak.

To support the exploco site, KSP pro Kitesurfer Mark Moore, SUP expert Tez Plavenieks and awardwinning adventure travel writer Lucy Grewcock are leading a handful of selected 'explocobloggers'.

"By raising funds we will be able to accelerate development, bring in the all important mobile functions and get our community what it needs a resource it can trust," explains Tim Brickle, cofounder. The global community of adventure sports experts built by the community, for the community, exploco marks the spot!

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