“The project was filmed globally over the course of two years with thousands of skateboarders from all over the world using state-of-the-art equipment,” says Dong Chen, executive producer on the skateboarding film. “With this in mind, it was a significant investment.” We Are Blood, skateboarding’s first ever high definition ultra film made its debut in early August, appealing to the millions of uber passionate skateboarders throughout the world. Brainfarm Cinema, the creators of Art of Flight, alongside Mountain Dew’s Green Label Films raised the bar for skateboarding cinematography, using RED cameras and giving breath to a new technical evolution for action sports films.

Dong Chen, Executive Producer for 'We Are Blood'

Dong Chen, Executive Producer for ‘We Are Blood’

Can you discuss the message behind ‘We Are Blood’?

WE ARE BLOOD is a feature-length film that celebrates the unifying passion and unconditional bond created by the simple act of skateboarding.

With cutting-edge cinematography and 4K UHD picture, this film elevates the traditional skateboarding video to connect with skateboarders and non-skateboarders alike.


Mountain Dew/Green Label has been a solid part of some of the more progressive projects in action sports. Why is this important area of focus for Mountain Dew? 

Mountain Dew is passionate about the action sports community, as the community and the brand's culture is rooted in creativity and having a damn good time.  For the past 20 years, we have supported and worked to progress action sports with platforms like WE ARE BLOOD, Peace Park and Dew Tour, and we are committed to continuing that support.

How did the partnership with Brain Farm and Ty Evans come about? Is this the first project you’ve worked on together? Any additional projects planned for the near future?

Brain Farm is one of the most sought-after content producers in action sports entertainment. With the goals we had in mind to create a progressive film that was authentic to the action sports community, it was a natural fit to partner with them.

With more than 20 years of experience as an award-winning director and cinematographer, Ty has created the most innovative films in skateboarding. So when he was added to the team it made this partnership a perfect fit for Mountain Dew.

In terms of what's next, for now we are really just focused on getting the word out about WE ARE BLOOD.

Theotis Beasley with Ty Evans filming in L.A. for We Are Blood.

Theotis Beasley with Ty Evans filming in L.A. for We Are Blood.

What’s Jamie Thomas’ role in the project – how was this connection made, and how do you think it strengthened the film?

Jamie Thomas is a legend in skateboarding. We left a lot of the casting up to Ty and his overall vision around telling the story of the universal bond that exists among skateboarders. We wanted this film to not just be about the DEW skate team, but rather represent the larger skateboarding community.

There is a lot of diversity with the cast, from up-and-comers like Tiago Lemos, Chris Colbourn and Jordan Maxham to legends such as Jamie and Paul.

What were the individual roles of Green Label and Brain Farm and did you work together collectively on both the making of and the marketing behind the film?

We worked collaboratively with Brain Farm's team of directors and cinematographers to create a cutting-edge experience for any audience to enjoy. Combining Brain Farm's state-of-the-art film technology and our skateboarders and marketing expertise, it was a perfect collaboration. Both companies were heavily involved in the entire project from start to finish on both the production and marketing side.

How do you approach a solid marketing strategy for a project like this, and how has that strategy evolved since you’ve been a part of Green Label/Mountain Dew?

Marketing strategies today involve constantly coming up with new and creative content for our fans. Mountain Dew has supported action sports for a long time, but WE ARE BLOOD is one of the biggest projects to date for us. With WE ARE BLOOD, we built a marketing plan that engaged our relationships with both the core skate community, as well as more mainstream channels to expand the reach to a broader audience.

Premiere night in L.A. for 'We Are Blood' brought the VIP crowds.

Premiere night in L.A. for ‘We Are Blood’ brought the VIP crowds.

How much of an investment was making a film of this magnitude?

The project was filmed globally over the course of two years with thousands of skateboarders from all over the world using state-of-the-art equipment. With this in mind, there was a significant investment in the film, but we aren't giving out any hard numbers at this time.

From a business perspective, how does Mountain Dew/Green Label measure ROI on a film like this?

Mountain Dew is focused on promoting skateboarding through this film to as many skateboarders and non-skateboarders as possible to continue to grow and support the community. There is no perfect way to measure ROI on that other than inspiring people to go out and skate.