Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon based retailer Evo is partnering up with LOGE Co., providing financial resources, general support and guidance on capital raises, and real estate development for future Loge Co properties.

LOGE x evo in full effect at LOGE Co,’s Westport, Washington location. Photo: LOGE

LOGE Co. is a camping experience in Westport, Washington, with access to world-class surfing. With the first quarter of business under it’s belt in its first year, Loge has exceeded its performance projections and foresees the possibility of opening three new locations within the next year, according to Loge Co-founder Johannes Ariens.

“The timing for this partnership couldn’t be better,” Ariens adds.

evo x LOGE Co.

The LOGE provides a place for the likeminded outdoor community to stay and gather, in a destination with lots to offer. Photo: LOG

Evo will also provide administrative support by sharing its evo HQ office space, and offering up direct consultation and collaboration within evo's Marketing, Ecommerce, HR, Accounting and Business Development departments.

"Partnering with LOGE is a perfect fit for evo,” said Bryce Phillips, evo Founder. “Their values are our values and in our collective DNA — the focus on building community, sharing our love for the sports and lifestyle and having a positive impact as a business are front and center.”

evo x LOGE

LOGE offers surfboard and wetsuit rentals, among other gear. Photo: LOGE

Loge will continue to operate independent of evo, but expects the integration to enhance opportunities to collaborate in the future. It also gives LOGE first-hand access to evo's employee base for strategic guidance as the fledgling company begins to grow.

"This has been a pretty rapid growth curve for us and, although exciting, it can be rough,” Ariens said. “With evo and Evolution Properties by our sides offering mentorship, financial flexibility, and administrative assistance, not to mention some epic collaborations, we can move confidently into our next chapter as a stronger and more sustainable company quickly forging out its position within the outdoor active lifestyle market.”

evo x LOGE

LOGE is located just steps away from some of the best surf spots. Photo: LOGE

LOGE and evo’s partnership is already active through its Performance Demo and Rental Centers, and the two companies hope to broaden that activation as LOGE expands to new sites. Phillips is also working with LOGE co-founders to form new programs and offers to build loyalty among their respective customers. Looking forward, evo will work with LOGE Co to integrate other areas of the evo business including evoTrip adventure travel.

“Johannes and [Co-founder] Cale [Genenbacher] are rock solid guys, very sharp and inspired to build a great business with a focus on making lives better,” Phillips said. “We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to leverage evo and our shared passion to help drive LOGE forward with great partners."


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