Images and words by Agatha Wasilewska
The month of December always brings out the stoke in East Coast riders. The temperatures drop, mountains start to open, and if the heavens are happy snow starts to fall. In New York City, the stoke is heightened for the ladies with the annual Burton Ladies Shopping Night at the Burton Flagship Store in Soho. This year was no different. With 300 plus RSVP's, this year's event was shaping up to be a success before the store doors even opened. Burton had their NYC Burton Chill representation present to get the ladies on-snow with NYC youngsters, and the Burton employees were armed with Boarding for Breast Cancer Stickers, ready to collect cold hard cash to aid the foundation in its cause.

It was a rainy night, but that didn't stop the line from forming with eager ladies ready to shop. By 5 p.m., the line was down the street. Ladies in this city take their shopping seriously, and nights like this bring out all walks of New York women. The first happy shopper was co-founder and local business owner of Babeland, Claire Cavanah who was thrilled to buy a new jacket and got even more excited by her sweet gift on Burton for spending over $50, a styling make-up case to store her beauty products on the way to the hill.

The night quickly ramped up as ladies kept rolling in. Don't get in between a woman and her mission. As the store filled up and dressing rooms became scarce, girls started throwing off the shoes and pulling on snow pants. The Burton Soho staff took it all in stride, catching jackets, running boots, giving EST on-the-spot clinics and all with jokes in their pockets and smiles on their faces.

It wouldn't be a true Burton event if there was not a snowboard to be won. The lucky lady was Lila S, from NYSG Snowboarding Group on, who couldn't believe her luck when store manager Adam Mazur handed her a brand spanking new Burton G Twin, no questions asked. The rest of the girls got to soften their disappoint with cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine and delicious cheese from Dean and Deluca, all sorrows can be solved with a spot of indulgence.

The night ended with long lines at the register and smiling ladies leaving the store with their hands full of new gear to tackle the season with style and panache. Burton's sotre leader Adam Mazur summed it up “Ladies night was off the chain! Everyone had a blast.” Employee Blake Pentrack was the luckiest one of them all stating, “I got more digits than the yellow pages.” Talk about a good day at the office!

My two cents....what recession? Spending with abandon is alive and well in downtown New York!

Images and words by Agatha Wasilewska

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The Calm before the storm, the Burton Store looking sharp and ready for an onslaught.

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Ladies in the rain, smiling!

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Women's 09 Outwear displayed with grace.

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First purchaser, co-founder of Babeland, Claire Cavanah.

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Shopper Natasha Romiszewski stoked on her new pants.

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Burton helper, Amanda Teitler rocking the stripes.

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Event maestro, Agatha Wasilewsks digging on the Super Sweet Sunshine cupcakes

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A happy shopper!

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Managing Editor of King Magazine, Laura Hatmaker and Assistant Photo Editor of House and Garden Briana Heard got their grins on in the men's section.

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The line begins.....

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and the shopping continues!

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Amanda Teitler and Shredding Union's founder Mascha van Tongeren

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Yet another arm filled chica, grinning away.

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Another successful night say the Burton Team!