MSM 300th Issue

Monster SKATEBOARD Magazine proudly holds the title as Europe's oldest and most respected skate magazine…and as they should, with the release of their 300th issue.  The issue is jam packed with some epic, unseen content from throughout the years.  Monster believed the issue was too good to just release one cover-print…so they decided to make four. Each cover showcases a different athlete, as well as capturing a classic spot: stair-sets, rails, ledges, and tranny.

Editor in Chief, Oliver Tielsch should know, "It robbed some sleep, but it was worth it. We are all happy and proud to have made this issue come true." Tielsch, along with the other Editors and Interns, spent over two weeks propped up on the office couch trying to unwrap the trends that have developed over the years. Such trends include the athletes and tricks who have graced the covers, locations that have attracted the most skaters, and digging out the names and numbers to create an entertaining synopsis of statistics.


The 300th issue will pay tribute to legends of the sport, have an ageless gallery of history-making moments, and showcase skateboarding in today's world.  Grab yourself a copy, and paired with it will be a re-print of Monster's first issue from 1982.

For more information, or to snag a copy of the issue, contact [email protected].