elwood clothing cuts skate team

Elwood Clothing issued a release stating that it is ending its skate team to focus its efforts solely on apparel design. Elwood had a super deep team that consisted of Kenny Anderson, Silas Baxter-Neal, Vincent Alvarez, Nate Broussard, John Rattray, Guru Khala, Dan Plunkett, Dan Drehobl, and Anthony Pappalardo.

Here’s the release:

"Elwood Clothing is so proud to celebrate our 15th year in business.  For all 15 years, Elwood Clothing has been a brand driven by a love of apparel design and skateboarding. Those of you who share a passion for one or both know that as time passes it is necessary to adapt to the changing market. Elwood Clothing will revisit its roots and focus all efforts on the apparel design. We are dedicated to maintaining our Durable by Design assurance and producing quality apparel with a youthful edge.

Elwood is truly grateful to the skateboard community that has supported Elwood over the years.  Many thanks go out to Kenny Anderson for his leadership and loyalty. We would also like to thank Dan, Silas and the rest of the team. As we broaden our scope we will never stray too far from our roots. There is much to come and you can be assured that you will find Elwood's commitment to excellence will be evident within the product. We will continue to strive to make positive changes that will insure quality in our products, as well as success in our transition. We invite you to continue with us on the journey. Thanks again for all your continued support!"