ELMcompany is proud to announce they have joined forces with Empire Skateboard Distribution Company.

“We’re very excited to join with Empire and see our brand grow to its full potential. Empire is run by real people with our same respect for our culture, not suits obsessed with “margins” and “units”. The decision was easy for us, and based on the growth of their existing brands, we’re fully confident that Empire will give Elm the structure and service we need to expand our position in the market.”  -Dan Weigel – VP – ELM Company

“Empire Skateboard Distribution Company is both excited and pleased to have ELMcompany under its distribution umbrella. Everyone here at Empire knows that Elm will complement the other brands we distribute”. Distributing Elm will allow Empire to expand Elms distribution to our current and new customers, while providing them with top quality headwear from a respected brand in the headwear industry.  -Empire Skateboard Distribution

The Elm Company is a Los Angeles Based brand which began as a response to a lack of creative, style-focused headwear. Concentrating on the details and putting more thought into their designs, they have developed a lifestyle brand founded on the ideology of quality, creativity, and attention to detail, with roots in skate, snow, music, art and fashion. Their philosophy is that it’s all in the details and if they can’t do it different or better than anyone else, they shouldn’t do it at all. It is this mindset that has allowed them to develop a brand image that crosses all barriers, and a product line with a higher level of creativity and sophistication.

Empire Skateboard Distribution Company is owned and operated by skateboarders who respect and understand the culture of skateboarding. Together, they have over one-hundred years of experience as: amateur and professional skateboarders, employees in the skateboarding industry, and company owners. The partners who make up Empire have a reputation of being highly credible and respected.