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Electric Sunglasses 2014

Best Contact for retailers: Andrew Brodrick/Sales Manager, North America

Email:  [email protected]com

Answered by Josh Hartley

What trends will we see in next season’s line – colors, shapes, materials?

The 2014 Electric sunglass collection will utilize a color palette rich with solid neutral tones, unique textures, painted applications, vibrant color blockings and an array of distinctive patterns. Continuing to draw inspiration from iconic designs and timeless shapes, next season's line uses subtle angularity and varied material infusions to give each piece a classic yet modernized aesthetic.

Many eyewear companies are trending toward an eco-friendly eyewear construction – does this make sense for your brand and are you working on innovating the types of materials you use?

Electric has already taken steps to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of the business. From experimenting with eco-friendly materials, to researching biodegradable packaging options, we are working to find the right combination of material that will parallel existing technical and stylistic standards, while improving sustainability and decreasing our carbon footprint.

Are you working on creating any limited collections that are just for core retailers, or any other projects that give your product a unique and limited distribution feel?

Yes, we are developing a collection geared for the core to debut in 2014.

What were your greatest successes in 2013?

2013 brought the exclusive release of the Electric Melanin infused lens. Melanin, the natural pigmentation found throughout the body, is a protectant against damaging and harmful sunlight. On top of Electric's updated polarization program, this added feature creates a product which aids in retinal presevation, protects the gentle skin found around the eyes and improves visual clarity. Moving forward, all Electric sunglass models will feature Melanin infused lenses.

Are the number of SKU’s in your line expanding, contracting, or staying the same? Why?

Fine tuning our mix is a constant focus. We have a steady flow of new styles coming down the pipe, so the line size always fluctuates.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by sunglass brands today? Biggest opportunities? 

Over saturation and sameness are the biggest threats to sunglass brands today. There is pressure from non-endemic brands, as well as added competition from strong new upstarts. It's an exciting time for eyewear for sure.

What is the breakdown looking like for men’s and women’s SKU’s?

Although Electric offers female specific frames, we offer a wide variety of unisex models, which appeal to both men and women.