Efficient, Timely, and Effective Content Tools

Janine Popik of Vertical Response shares vital content marketing tools that allows you to be timely, efficient, and effective with your content marketing strategy.

Google Docs

After trying nearly every document sharing option out there, Google Docs has proven itself to be our favorite go-to for this purpose. We use it for our weekly meeting, as well as for creating posts (like this one!), that one or more people need access and editing ability with. It’s great that many people can be in the document at one time and there are no issues with versioning, etc. My content director and I can both be viewing the same doc and live edit it together, even if I’m in the mountains and she’s in the city. Priceless. Cost: Free


While attending New Media Expo this year, we were the lucky winner of a content package from the folks at Ebyline. If you haven’t heard of them, Ebyline is a Los Angeles-based company that helps publishers, or businesses find, hire, and manage freelancers in less time. They’ve made it really easy to manage all our freelance writers and contributors all from one place. And, they’ve got over 1,900 of their own freelancers for hire, so if you’re short on bandwidth, knowledge, or time and need someone to do it for you, Ebyline can “pitch” hit in a snap. The best part we’ve found is that compared to some of the content competitors, they are completely affordable. They can create a blog post, a guide, or any other content you need. You simply create a brief outline of the project, include the deadline and the fee you will pay. You’ll receive responses from interested writers and you can accept or decline them as needed. We are loving this service. Cost: Free and paid options


We are always trying to stay on top of the latest e-mail marketing, social media, blogging and other news that is of interest to our customers. So we took note of the chatter in the last few weeks about Google Alerts being buggy, erratic, or just plain broken. Rumors are swirling that Alerts might be going the way of Google Reader. Now, before you cry tears of sorrow, we’ve found a fast and capable replacement touted to be even better than Google Alerts–Talkwalker Alerts. Like Google Alerts, Talkwalker Alerts allow you to monitor the web for interesting new content about your name, brand, competitors, events, or any topic. It is super easy and for now we are running it alongside our Google Alerts to monitor if we get better results. Cost: Free

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