By Mike Lewis

After months of swirling rumors and a recent round of layoffs, Earth Products, whose brands include Adio, Planet Earth and, until this week, Holden, announced that responsibility for Planet Earth will transfer to
Earth Products' parent company K2 Sports.

"The basic theory behind the move is to allow the (Earth Products) group in Carlsbad to focus on growing the Adio brand," states Earth Products CEO Chris Miller. "Obviously, there are a lot of synergies between Planet Earth outerwear and Ride / K2 snowboards. It's a big change, but the goal is to strengthen both brands as a result of the move." Planet Earth's transition to K2 will take place sometime in the middle of this year, to coincide with the development of the Fall/Winter 2009 Planet Earth line.

The change comes as part of the corporate reorganization being orchestrated by Jarden Corp., the household products company that acquired K2 for approximately $765 million in cash at the end of April, 2007. Jarden, which already owned Coleman, made the move in an effort to broaden its scope in the sporting goods realm; a bit of a departure from the household names like Mr. Coffee and Crock-Pot that stand at its core.Robert Marcovitch

According to a press release, "during 2008 and the transition to K2 Sports, Planet Earth will continue to be managed from the Earth Products headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. The primary goals for 2008 are to ensure continuity of the Planet Earth brand in the marketplace with all existing customers and timely delivery and fulfillment of Spring 2008." At this point the brand will be moved to K2's corporate offices in Seattle.

"We're super excited," says K2 Sports President, Robert Marcovitch, whose company is meeting with Planet Earth's current staff to see if they want to stick around after the move. "It's a great brand in so many different ways." Marcovitch says they plan to keep the look and feel of Planet Earth consistent and leverage K2's strengths to improve the brand from a business standpoint. "We have a really sophisticated back office…and we're distributed locally in sixty countries." That said, K2 is being cautious about making any big changes. "We're really respectful of the brand and where it's been…We're going to continue to focus on what they do well."

Adio Skate Park

On an unrelated note, it's a sad day for anyone who has ever skated the Adio TF. The park was recently closed as Adio is looking to relocate to a new site in the Carlsbad area in June.

For those who didn't have a chance to hit up the park before it was put to rest, check out footage HERE from one of the final skate sessions before Adio closed it's doors.



The Adio TF in ruins.