The dodgeball match between the two companies took place last Friday in the back parking lot of Dwindle Distribution

Last Friday, nearly two years after Dwindle Distribution took home the Golden Dodgeball after beating Westlife Distribution on their home turf, a rematch finally commenced. The back parking lot/skatepark at Dwindle Distribution had been transformed into a dodgeball court, complete with official court markings and a makeshift arena entirely made of palettes. Both teams were anxious and ready to play.

The stage was set and a "Best of 9" series commenced. The first to five match wins would emerge victorious. The 686/Matix crew, playing under the Westlife moniker, took home two early wins which were followed by two wins by Dwindle to even the series at 2-2. After a short intermission for tacos and drinks, the series was back on. Westlife won the next three matches and eventually took the Golden Dodgeball back to their headquarters in Compton.

Big thanks to Dwindle Distribution for hosting the event and providing a bit of industry fun in South Los Angeles. The rubber match is already set for 2017. Stay tuned…

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