After catching some bitchin' Youtube video, Malibu city officials are cracking down on the downhillers.

"Now, before people get upset, skateboarding is only banned in certain areas," explains KTLA5 news reporter Chris Wolfe. "The man behind the extreme sport is a French daredevil and entrepreneur, but Malibu city leaders say locals are getting involved in all kinds of dangerous ways."

The French daredevil is called "Roller Man," and he has a special suit with rollerblade wheels on his hands and feet. Roller Man had a friend ("Roller Boy?") film his luge down a Malibu canyon road, and of course, put it on Youtube. City officials eventually saw the clip, and decided to "ban skateboarding and other activities in certain parts of the city—steep canyon areas."
"Of course, it is still allowed on sidewalks, skateboard parks, and bike paths," explains Wolfe.
Skateboarding illegal? What's the world coming to? Really though, I have no problem with the new law. I mean, these guys hit speeds of 60 mph (that's 96 kph, Roller Man). It's not so much a "no skateboarding" rule as it is a "No speeding" rule. Maybe a "Get out of the road" rule.

The only problem I have with this clip is that they're referring to Rollerman as a skateboarder. We look infinitely cooler when bombing hills. I refer you to the L.A. Massacre, as detailed in the late-eighties skate documentary Thrashin! Whether a Ramp Local like first place winner Corey Webster, or a Dagger like Tommy Hook, I think we can all agree that we look cool as hell.
Check out the LA TIMES article for some good video of Rollerman, totally worth it.