Alli Sports and online action sports retailer have announced their partnership. The two are teaming up to create a unique community of action sports fans, consumers, and participants, with the goal of delivering premium customer service.

"Business success requires knowing what your strengths are and capitalizing on them. You either hire to your weaknesses or establish partnerships that make you stronger," said Jill Layfield, CEO of, parent company of "We've always had an interest in events and partnering with Alli allows us to capitalize on their position as the event and media powerhouse to offer consumers a unique experience."

June 7, 2012 — New York — The new relationship combines Dogfunk's award winning e-commerce business with Alli's event and media platform, which includes more than 40 events across the Dew Tour, Red Bull Signature Series and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships, as well as 160 hours of television, 1.5 million spectators and 50 million television viewers each year. The union aims to provide a more meaningful, integrated experience for fans and customers engrossed in the action sports culture, providing touch points from events to media consumption to shopping.

"This partnership brings together very complimentary expertise and assets," said Wade Martin President and CEO Alli Sports. "The combination of our event and media platform with Dogfunk's best-in-class e-commerce operation and robust community is powerful, and will drive both businesses forward." is the dominating presence in action sports online specialty retail. Three-time honoree as Transworld Business' Online Retailer of the Year, Dogfunk offers a vast, curated selection of premium snowboard, surf and skate gear.

To represent this new partnership, and Alli Sports ( have co-branded both websites Dogfunk x Alli. Alli Sports now features a permanent "shop" button linking to on its homepage, and promotes shop offers and new products via promotional banners and editorial content. The co-branding will penetrate TV, event promotions and online media as well. Today's launch is just the beginning. The goal is an exceptional customer experience as these brands grow together in a fully integrated partnership.

To witness the partnership in action, visit and