Degree Men, a deodorant by Unilever, is joining the movement into 'engagement marketing,' with a video marketing campaign geared towards creating interaction with its core consumers through social gaming sites. Hot on the heels of similar campaigns by companies like Coca-Cola and Disney, Degree Men has unveiled a series of videos, called "Masters of Movement," which feature extreme-sports figures and allows social game players to watch their two-minute videos in order to earn points- points which are translated into currency that can be used in the game they are playing.

The Jun Group, a social video distribution company in New York, stated that around 95% of people who watch the videos will watch the entire clip, and are likely to then interact through comments or by downloading additional information. The Jun Group has asserted that it can access 100 million users on 400 social games. Another company, SocialVibe, which works with Zynga and other social gaming companies, released a study in February, 2012, which found that combining brand messages and incentives boosted viewer interaction by 91%, and brand perception by 48 percent, as well as improving viewer recall and intent to purchase. It found that 48% of survey participants initially engage with a brand only for the incentive, however they then stay and pay attention to the brand message.

"Brand engagement tied to value-exchange leads to powerful lifts in recall, recognition, time-spent and purchase intent for brands," said Todd Tappin, the chief executive of SocialVibe, which is in Los Angeles.

Cindy Gustafson, managing director at Mindshare Entertainment, described Degree Men's Adrenaline line's strategy as an attempt, "to evoke emotion from the consumer and create a conversation." The line debuted The Master of Movement campaign, which produced 9.1 million video views in its first week, with 93% of viewers watching the video in its entirety — a retention rate that Ms. Gustafson described as "incredible."

The videos, which were filmed and produced by Mindshare Entertainment, seek to intertwine high-action adventures to the deodorant line's new MotionSense technology, which releases fragrance in response to wearer movement.

A study by The Jun Group last year analyzed 7.9 million social video views for a variety of brands, and found that Facebook page visits were by far the most popular post-video view response, at an impressive 62%. Brand-page visits and store location searches followed, which together accounted for 15% of post-view actions.

"Social games are changing the ad industry as advertisers are paying for tangible actions, like a video ad view," said Mitchell Reichgut, the Jun Group's chief executive.

Degree men down-sized its marketing costs from $36 million to $30.6 million over the past year, now launching this recent adrenaline-pumping campaign. The videos showcase extreme-sports figures like climber Bear Grylls and BASE jumper Miles Daisher.

"We wanted to reflect some functionality of the product, to show that it lasts and performs persistently over time," said Greg DiNoto, chief creative officer for Deutsch N.Y., part of a division of the Interpublic Group, describing the strategy behind choosing Mr. Grylls.

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