Bipolar 3L Jacket $279.95 with Recon Pants $219.95 & Ranger Jacket $239.95 with Relay Pant $179.95


Questions answered by Director of Development Nadine Wisely

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what you are doing to meet them?

  1. Outdoor, Streetwear Influence
  2. Unique Fabrications with enhanced feature sets.
  3. Increased water proofing.

How has the market evolved over the last year and how do you see things changing in the years ahead?
The board sport specific brands are getting a ton of competition from sport brands and the outdoor market.

Have you changed your production or distribution models at all from last season?  If so, why and how have you changed them?
We have narrowed our supply chain to ensure consistent quality product in the marketplace and leveraged raw materials to increase the margin.

What fabrics, colors, fits, and technologies are you focusing on for next season?
DC- Textured and stretch fabrics in both tailored and relaxed fits.  

What are you doing to promote the growth of snowboarding and the next generation of riders (making kids gear, offering educational programs, etc.)?
We are expanding categories to ensure a positive riding experience.

What's in your crystal ball for  2013/2014?

What do you hope to contribute to snowboarding?
Having fun and creating credible authentic product within winter sports.