dave doman

Head injuries are scary stuff and there are too many tales of them going on right now, but we are pleased to announce that Celtek designer Dave Doman has made a full recovery from a traumatic injury sustained skating in August.

According to Celtek:

We are thrilled to report that Dave Doman, Celtek designer and well-known Salt Lake City artist, has experienced a full recovery just months after his devastating skateboarding accident in August that left him in a medically induced coma. Now painting again, Dave believes the positive energy given by everyone surrounding and supporting him absolutely helped him heal.

Immediately following the accident, Celtek co-founder Erik Leines and wife Ashley created the "Dollars for Doman" foundation. Selling one-of-a-kind posters and t-shirts featuring an original piece of Doman's art through the Celtek website, they were determined to help ease the cost of an extended stay in the ICU. There was also an art show organized by family, including Dave's sister, and friends at Higher Ground Learning in downtown SLC that included various works of art donated by painters, photographers and sculptors – some of whom had never even met Dave. In the end, Celtek and friends raised over $10,000 for Doman – what a feat!

In addition to all the support for Dave, we would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who stepped up to help Celtek while Dave (a key player in Celtek’s product design and marketing) was out. We were incredibly lucky that Dave had just put the finishing touches on the glove line moments before his injury, but everything else from designing the rest of the product line to the creation of the new catalog and trade show booth was still to come. However, like Dave's injury, what could have been disastrous ultimately turned to triumph thanks to some key people's support. Dave's family would also like to send out a huge thank you to everyone involved.

In particular, with a long history of working with Dave and recognizing that his being out of commission put Celtek in a tough spot, Trent Bush volunteered his services to complete the line. We could not have done it without you, Trent! Also, thanks to Heath Fugate who helped with the day to day marketing materials, Dustin Ortiz who designed the 2010/11 Catalog, and Simon Larson and the SFK crew who helped create the new trade show booth and, along with Celtek's Jon and Kaycee, organize the Dollars for Doman art show. But most of all, we are ALL stoked Dave is back, and we wish Kevin Pearce a speedy recovery as well!