Dark Seas and Loser Machine have brought industry veteran Garrett Turk on as the company’s new director of business development.

garrett turk loser machine dark seas

Garrett Turk, new director of business development for Dark Seas and Loser Machine. Photo: Dark Seas/Loser Machine

Dark Seas and Loser Machine Director and Partner Chris Broders, Founder Adrian Lopez and the team had this to say:

“We set our sights on finding what we acknowledged is an anomaly in our industry. We looked high and low for someone that is able to blur the lines between a creative and analytical mind at just the right ratio for our needs. The candidate had to be passionate and energetic when it comes to sales, product and branding. Someone that is grounded, has a team mentality and isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves no matter the task. Someone that understands and thrives on the challenges associated with building brands in the current climate.

“Garrett not only checked the boxes, he came with some additional factors that are a natural fit for the company. A family man with 3 kids, he and his wife live in Orange County. He has spent a good deal of time traveling, and has strong roots on the East Coast, which we have always felt is an influential part of the brands’ DNA. The network of friends and strong relationships he has formed while being in the industry speak volumes about Garrett's abilities and character.”

Prior to coming on board with Dark Seas and Loser Machine, Turk spent seven years at Stance as a director across sales, brand marketing and retail experience platforms. Before that, he spent one year at Transworld Media as an account executive across multiple titles, and as the east coast sales manager at Electric Visual for four years.

Turk will play an important role as director of new business development for Loser Machine and Dark Seas, seeking strategic opportunities and elevating the brands across the board.

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