dang-shadesAll good things come from a simple need, a motivation to create something that you (as the creator of course) want, but do not have. Yo Beat caught up with the originator of Dang Shades, Chris Beresford, who took to the entrepreneurial spirit of affordable, yet damn good looking sunglasses, due to just that: a need. "I knew I wanted to make affordable fun glasses, something you can wear and break without crying or [having to] save up money for the next couple weeks to buy another pair."

Beresford, an east-coast native, attributes the brand's name, "Dang," to a hang-loose mentality. "[The brand] kind of happened when I bought a die cut machine. dang-sunglasses-yo-beat-chris-beresford I started making stickers but I didn't have a company or an idea. I didn't even think about sunglasses yet. I was looking to go to [High Cascade Snowboard Camp] and you need [sunglasses] up there because it's always sunny." Between filming and traveling, Beresford–a professional snowboarder himself–is building his brand from the comfort of his grandmother's basement. Read Yo Beat's official interview, here, for more on the history and evolution of Dang.

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