PRESS RELEASE — San Diego, Calif. – December 19, 2017 – BLDG Active, the leader in bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to active outdoor athletes, announced today the sponsorship of professional surfer, Damien Hobgood.

damien hobgood bldg active

Damien Hobgood is the newest member of the BLDG Active team. Photo: BLDG Active

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Currently in use by the World Surf League to treat athletes, BLDG Active's Active Skin Repair products offer scientifically advanced all-natural technology that work to disinfect and promote healing of skin irritations and wounds. Surfers constantly battle reef cuts, wetsuit rash, sunburns and bug bites; instead of bulky toxic first aid products, surfers like Hobgood now have a simple 3oz natural solution. Active Skin Repair's clinically proven regenerative technology kills 99.9% of bacteria, without harsh chemicals or antibiotics and helps reduce inflammation and speed the body’s natural recovery process.

"We're excited to have Damien join our team," said, Justin Gardner, co-founder and CEO of BLDG Active. "As a world renowned surfer and father, Damien is a leader both locally and in the global surf community. After years of watching surfers' minor nics and cuts turn into serious infections, Damien has an understanding of the importance of skin repair for anyone spending time in open water," he added.

Hobgood, having spent most of his life on the water, is one of the most versatile surfers in the world, with 12 years on the elite tour competing around the world. Now, residing in San Diego, California, Hobgood still spends much of his time surfing, often with his daughter in tow. Sharing his passion for waves and staying safe on the water with his children and others has become a priority.

damien hobgood BLDG Active

BLDG Active uses a regenerative technology that is free of harsh chemicals or antibiotics in its line of skin care products. Photo: BLDG Active

"As a surfer, getting torn up on rocks and reef, dealing with sunburns and fighting infection from the water are daily issues," Hobgood, said. "Active Skin Repair allows me to disinfect and start the healing process right out of the water — it's as much a part of my routine as applying sunscreen," he added.

About BLDG Active
BLDG Active was founded with the sole purpose of identifying clinically proven technologies and bringing them to the serious outdoor athlete. The technology used in BLDG’s Active Repair Hydrogel & Active Repair Spray is the same doctor-recommended product and formulation used in hospitals worldwide. BLDG Active makes products that promote personal health and recovery through clinically proven technologies. The company is focused on bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to the active outdoor athlete by sourcing products that are superior to current over-the-counter solutions, both in effectiveness and environmental impact.

About Active Repair Spray & Hydrogel
Both products are composed of Hypochlorous (HOCl), which is naturally produced by the white blood cells in the human body as a way to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and help the body heal. This clinically proven regenerative technology kills 99.9% of bacteria including, without harsh chemicals or antibiotics and helps speed the body’s natural recovery process.

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