Introducing D3O® Smart Skin Technology:

Low profile, lightweight impact protection bonded direct to fabric


D3O®, the British impact protection specialist, has launched a brand new and innovative protective concept called D3O® Smart Skin. Designed for sports applications, D3O Smart Skin offers wearers a lightweight and extremely low profile protective layer that can be directly applied to the garment. It provides greater comfort, flexibility and an even more low-profile geometry. The lightweight concept is the first to feature D3O's brand new formulation of their unique patented technology called D3O Aero – a lightweight, soft open celled PU foam. D3O Aero has been developed predominantly for the sportswear market and is a softer, less dense solution that is half the weight of existing D3O materials, while retaining excellent protective properties against impacts.


The brand new D3O Smart Skin process has been designed to improve and simplify the garment manufacturing process by removing the need to stitch and sew protective padding into garments or use pockets. An ultra-thin adhesive film is applied to the D3O protector during the moulding process, this is then heat-bonded directly to the garment. Each D3O protective component is encapsulated using a thin protective skin that can be customised to feature a wide range of properties including UV, anti-abrasion and fire-retardant.


D3O's Product Design and Development Manager, Eric DeGolier says "Our goal at D3O is to create the ultimate protective solutions. When designing for sports athletes want performance without compromise. Smart Skin takes the best high performance materials available and makes them invisible next to your body. Whether you're riding the backcountry or playing football Smart Skin offers an unbeatable combination of protection and performance. The holy grail of protection is lighter, thinner, and higher performance. D3O has pushed the limits of this since we first introduced our light, flexible protection. Smart Skin has raised the bar again."


D3O's unique patented technology is used to make a soft and flexible material with high shock absorbing properties. In standard conditions the material's molecules flow freely, allowing the material to be soft and flexible, but on impact, lock together to dissipate the impact energy and reduce the transmitted force.


The design of D3O Smart Skin can be customised to provide solutions to brand's range of protective garments. Starting at just 3mm thick, the lightweight protective components are ideal for the coccyx, thigh, hips, knees, shoulders and elbows.


D3O Smart Skin is available to order from February 2013 and is compatible with D3O's full range of protective materials including ST, XT and Shock +, depending on the final application.


About D3O:

  • D3O is a British based impact protection solutions company that markets a unique patented technology, used to produce a shock absorbing material.
  • D3O was invented by a British engineer, Richard Palmer, and the company's success was born out of the 2006 Winter Olympics, where they provided protective solutions to the US and Canadian ski teams.
  • D3O impact protection solutions have been integrated into thousands of products worldwide and are used in 5 core markets including sports, electronics, PPE, motorcycle and footwear.


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