Fresh from a weekend of XGames gold-medal glory, Mark McMorris has become the newest addition to the Crab Grab pro team. McMorris joins an impressive line-up of riders, including Scott Stevens, Bode Merrill, Jesse Burtner, Jussi Oksanen and Pat Moore.

Read on for more details:

Portland, OR—After his accomplishment last week during the Winter XGames on a board covered in white Crab Grab: Mark McMorris has been asked to join the Crab Grab pro team.
What accomplishment you might ask?

A victory lap that included 3 proper Methods and FS 360 Indy.

As Mark progresses snowboard trickery to incredible levels, here at Crab Grab, we salute him for doing so with style, and continuing the tradition of cranking classic methods along the way.
Mark McMorris is an 18 year-old, from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada who is f–king awesome at snowboarding.  He is supported by Burton Snowboards, Red Bull, Oakley, DVS, Matix, AWSM Brand, and (now) Crab Grab. Learn more (and laugh) at