Coghlan Brothers Launch Park City Snowboard Academy

Industry vets Jack and Andy Coghlan have teamed up to create a snowboard-specific school for grades 6-12 that will open in Park City this September. The non-profit academy will offer a full academic program and snowboard training on the slopes of Park City for up and coming riders.

Here’s what long-time industry marketing guru Jack Coghlan had to say about the program:

When we set out to create the world's premier snowboard academy, we became immediately aware of three core objectives that will form the very foundation of our organization. The first of these objectives was to attract and always have as part of our team only the most experienced and accomplished instructors and coaches available anywhere. The second was to choose a prime location with the absolute best conditions and facilities throughout the entire season. The third was to establish a very snowboard-specific academy, a school created by snowboarders for snowboarders. At PCSA, we can confidently say that our initial objectives have been achieved.

We believe that the success of any organization lies in the hands of the people who make up its staff. With myself as Academy Director, my wife Courtney as Director of Academics, my brother Andy as Snowboarding Director and Tyler Emond as Head Coach, we combine our talents, years of experience and dedication to form a dream team of snowboarding veterans who will teach and guide our students so that they reach the summits of their success, both academically and professionally.

Passion, knowledge and dedication are just a few of the traits of any great individual team member. At PCSA, we take these characteristics to an even higher level by adding decades of combined snowboarding experience. In my most recent position at Flow Snowboarding as Global Marketing Director, together with the experience gained at my positions at Burton, Ride and Atlantis, I have acquired the leadership skills needed to direct and manage a team that will realize its full potential.

The next member of our team is my wife, Courtney Coghlan. Courtney has over 15 years experience teaching at some of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Her experience and tireless dedication to academics will ensure that all PCSA students will receive an excellent college preparatory education.

The snowboard instructional program at PCSA will be lead by Andy Coghlan, who also happens to be my brother. Andy has more than 15 years snowboarding program development experience under his belt with positions at Stratton Mountain School, Aspen, Vail and Western Sports Academy. As Director of Snowboarding Instruction, Andy will be second to none.

Park City’s classroom.

Photo: Andy Coghlan

To complete our core staff is Tyler Emond as Head Snowboard Coach. Ranked as one of the top freestyle riders in the world, Tyler is uniquely qualified and experienced to coach and train even the most elite riders.

When it came down to the task of selecting the ideal site for PCSA, we gave careful thought to this critical decision. Many possibilities were considered. We knew that the site required not only the climatic conditions that would offer an extended season of snowboarding, but also challenging runs that would give our students the best possible training. Our decision was unanimous - Park City, Utah! The Park City Resort is unparalleled in so many ways. It offers a great winter climate in a quaint, small town located just 35 minutes from Salt Lake City, and it has the best superpipe to be found anywhere! To be able to shred the lightest powder in the world at any of the nine major resorts within an hour's drive... who could ask for more?!

We are all very excited about PCSA and we are confident that it will be a very special place for people passionate about snowboarding. The love for this sport that all PCSA team members bring to the school will be reflected in each student's education and training. The experience, training, professionalism and dedication of our staff will form the foundation of what will be the very best snowboard academy in the world, bar none. We sincerely and enthusiastically hope that you, or your son or daughter, have a chance to be part of it all. PCSA welcomes you to the snowboard training opportunity of a lifetime!

Here’s the press release:
PARK CITY, UTAH - Friday June 5th, 2009 – The Park City Snowboard Academy is proud to announce the launching of their inaugural season. Starting in September, the Park City Snowboard Academy (PCSA) will provide both full and winter term options for talented young riders who have dreams of becoming the best possible rider they can be. PCSA will provide elite world-class coaching along with college preparatory academics.

A DREAM TEAM: The PCSA staff will include Andy and Jack Coghlan, each of whom have over 27 years of riding and coaching experience in snowboarding. Andy is a six-time US Open Champion and has helped direct and develop snowboard programs at Stratton, Vail, Aspen and Stowe. "I really believe that when you combine the training facilities at the Park City Mountain Resort with the experience of our PCSA staff, you cannot offer any better chance for a rider to succeed" says Snowboard Director Andy Coghlan. Jack Coghlan has been a marketing fixture in the snowboard industry working for such companies as Burton, Ride, Atlantis, Type A and Flow and will serve as the Academy Director. Head Coach Tyler Emond was a member of the 2005 US Snowboard Team and finished second in the 2003 Junior World Championship Halfpipe. Still a top ranked freestyle rider, Tyler finished 17th in this past years US Open Superpipe. Tyler will provide a unique ability to instruct even the most elite riders. "When good snowboarders train with other good riders, on great facilities, it's a recipe for success." says Emond. Academic Director Courtney Coghlan has been a certified teacher for over 15 years in both private and public schools. She has taught at the prestigious Cathedral School for Boys in San Francisco and St. Margaret's Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano, California. Her experience will ensure that students complete a strong college preparatory curriculum.

NO BETTER FACILITY: PCSA is excited to be located at the best possible training center in the world as the Park City Mountain Resort provides the best park and superpipe all season long. Park City was home to the 2002 Olympics as well as home to the US Snowboard Team. Add to the mix an incredible snowboarding climate of champagne powder and the small town feel of Park City and students will be given best opportunity to have fun while achieving success.

PROVIDING FOR SNOWBOARDING'S YOUTH: PCSA is a non-profit academy that will be working to offer scholarships to the most talented young riders who have dreams ranging from achieving more success in their local competitions to one day making the Olympics. This season PCSA is proud to have the support of the "FRENDS" crew (Scotty Lago, Kevin Pearce. Danny Davis, Mason Aguirre, Keir Dillon, and Luke & Jack Mitrani) to provide scholarships on behalf of "FRENDS" to future snowboard stars. "I can't think of a better place or people to be starting a snowboard academy. They understand what passion for snowboarding is. Students at PCSA are so lucky to have Tyler as their coach; along with being my best friend, he is an amazing snowboarder." says Luke Mitrani.
PCSA is also excited about starting a working relationship with the Park City Snowboard Team. The two entities will work together with the Park City Mountain Resort to provide the best training on the best terrain in the world. Together they will be creating a clear path of development for tomorrow’s elite snowboarders. “With a combination of the success of the Park City Snowboard Team working alongside PCSA to help our riders balance academics with competition logistics, I see great things coming from our talented athlete pool next season.” says Jacob Levine, Executive Director and Head Coach of the Park City Snowboard Team.
PCSA is proud to be a snowboard-specific academy, a school created by snowboarders for snowboarders. PCSA will provide full term programs for grades 9-12 and a winter term option for grades 6-12. For more information and a chance to be a part of the limited enrollment for PCSA's inaugural year please contact:

Jack Coghlan
Program Director
Park City Snowboard Academy
PO Box 680719
Park City, Utah, 84068-719
[email protected]
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